Thursday, November 29, 2007


20,000 visitors! How fun is that?

Wow, you people really know how to put the pressure on. *grin*

So I had 17 comments that day...I put the numbers into a random number generator and the lucky winner is #3, Grandmom! Margee, congrats! I have a $20 gift card to Red Robin with your name all over it.

And Pupleurple, you were the 20,000th visitor so you get a little prize as well. I'll need both of your mailing addresses to get you your goodies. Thanks for playing and thanks for visiting!

For some reason, my pictures aren't showing up consistently for everyone. Again, chalk that up to the fact that I made this page by myself! LOL! Anyway, I'm on the lookouts for a cool Christmas background/template. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


nopefive said...

Congrats on our 20K hits!!! For those of you who one something from Amie, congrats to you too!!!
*** I don't actually have a blog that is why it didn't allow visitors. :) LOL

~~ Jenn R.

Grandmom said...

Wow! Amie! Thank you so much!

sunshineperri said...

Ask trina about the blog stuff she does it all the time!!!

purplelurple said...

Thxs so much Amie! I so much love reading your blog.

Derby Queen said...

Go to that's where I got my blog background!! I love it. It's run by a 17-year old girl. It's really cool. Just go to myspace layouts, pick out the one you want, click on preview/get code, copy the code from a box on the pop-up and paste it in the html thing on blogger!! I posted my song for you, Amie!!


Derby Queen said...
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LIZZEE said...

wow 20K.. that's a lot girlie..

kanga5 said...

Yeah that's lots!! I like the header that you have up. I'm looking for something too. By the time I figure it out Christmas will be here and gone!! By the way- your family pictures are very cute!

Heidi said...

Awesome pictures from the last few days - gosh - a few of them look quite familiar!

Separately - Brynn ripped all my trees off my cards - yep, "see mom glue, see mom glue more"

It was fun to spend time w/ you the other day!

Sher said...

how do i get a counter on mine? and what is NaBloPoMo?