Thursday, November 29, 2007


I guess I never posted this one:


Anonymous said...

You have one of the best design brains I have ever seen. Its so not fair :)

purplelurple said...

i really love this page. for some reason only part of your pictures are showing until i refresh the page and then the others will show up? I really like the journal pages though. You are very talanted. Woot just noticed I am 20,000. Congrats on making 20,000 visits to your page.

Sher said...

i love all the materials you use, where do you get them? you must have a nice collection to use whenever, right? i'm still adding more to my stash. i wish i could've come to the scrap night, but my hubby is coming home at the same time. i want to go to the next one, you're stuff Rox!