Wednesday, November 28, 2007

and i'm spent

Whewwwww....I left the house at 8 today and shopped until the little moosies came home. My feet and back and debit card were so tired after a long day of store after store and line after line. But, I'm just about done with all my Christmas shopping and it's not even December yet! Yay me! Later, Christine came over to help me make jumbalaya for the first time. I was surprised that in my totally picky family, Dan was the only one who did not gobble this right up. Good stuff. Thanks, Christine!

Anyway, this is just an obligitaory NaBloPoMo post (only two more days!) and I'm sorry that I didn't get to any of your blogs today. This is the most I've been on the computer all the livelong day. Nighty night.


Christine said...

So much fun! Just love hanging with ya girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh shopping, I am green with envy. I still have to start..yikes!