Saturday, November 10, 2007

i'll catch my breath tomorrow

Today is beyond crazy! Faith in God function this morning--while Sean was doing that, I went grocery shopping 2 places, (got my 37c/lb turkey at Bashas!) and then came back to get him. Immediately came home to a messy house that needed some serious cleaning. We all went into clean-up mode and I am now getting my scrappy stuff ready for a get together this evening. We have the Primary Program practice this afternoon for several hours (I'm the pianist) and from there I'm immediately going to get my hair done. From there, cropping the night away where I'll work on yesterday's Day 5 One Little Word Journal entry: Faith. Need to think about that one!

Last night's Super-Saturday-on-a-Friday-Night went really well. Great job Christy and Leilani! I know the stress from which you suffered! I can empathize greatly. It was so nice to just go and enjoy a function instead of being one of the ones in charge of it (eh, Petra? Lindsay? You know what I'm talking about!) Awesome. Great times, good projects, tons of yummy food and of course great projects. I kept to my comfort zone and sat mostly with CC, Nat-Mat, and Dude. Would someone give me a nickname already?? ;) Love ya girls.

Don't forget to enter my blog candy seen in an earlier post. I'll pick a winner on Wednesday!


The Bluths said...

I guess I need to start thinking about buying a Turkey here soon, never bought one before. Any suggestions?

Lindsay said...

Amen to wanting to sit back and enjoy without being the planner! What did you end up making?