Sunday, November 11, 2007

too tired to remember to title this post

Oy. I'm tired. I stayed up too late cropping again and didn't get nearly enough done, but the company was fun. It was neat getting to know a coupla girls better--hey hey to Amanda and Jenn--Delfina's snowflake layout was amazing...I'll link back to it when she puts it up on her site, and Angelina, well, she's Angelina! Everything she touches is gold. She throws a great crop. Thanks for the fun goodie bags! They're so purty I don't want to take stuff out and use it! Here's what I completed:

That second layout was lifted from the great Casey Lu. She makes some fantabulous layouts! This girl spends hours and hours on one layout to get it just right!

Today was the Primary Program and it went on flawlessly. I did however sit on my posterior on that hard piano bench for just about three hours straight including both primaries. This afternoon we attended choir, all four of us, and now the boys are eating some quick din-din, (I'm munching on craisins--oh the heavenly goodness) and later, the fam's coming over for dessert. Danny's on shift today, so I'm doing it all by myself and will have to force myself to go to bed early. Thank heavens tomorrow is a hollerday...cuz I need a low-key day! Later tomorrow, we're taking family pictures. That's always delightful. I'm excited to cash in on the photo session blog candy I won from CC (go here to see her developing photography blog) but I've never done pro pics such as this before, so I'm not sure what to expect.

Also, go here to see my friend Julie's new blog. She's Sean's cubscout Wolf den leader (seriously a full-time calling right there), has 3 kids (don't even get me started on what a full-time calling that is), and also has a bun in the oven! Busy gal. =) Go on over and say hi.

Also, just a quick pic of my hair now--got my pampering session from Stacy; she does such great work! I can get you numbers and details on her salon if you're interested.

Hopefully I'll report back tomorrow on how wonderfully perfect our photo session went! I got a new shirt that has caused some controversy in the household, lol. It's one of those high waisted shirts that are so popular nowadays, but can often be misconstrued for a maternity shirt. Not so. Danny said I looked good, but pregnant. So, just stating here and now....I'm not! ;) But I do like the shirt. How do you girls carry these off?

**Edited to add: And again, don't forget to enter my blog candy!


LIZZEE said...

Great Layouts... Amanda had a great time... she'll be back..

AzKisses said...

Great Layouts.. Love this pic of you.. It is Beautiful. Your hair looks awesome..

Cara said...

Amie, I LOVE your hair!!!
You LOs are fab, I esp. love the egg one! Super!!

tif-do said...

I went crazy buying shirts like that. I wear them, and put up with funny looks. I love them.

The Bluths said...

I think I'm wearing one of those shirts right now, but I am pregnant so no worries :)
When they first started coming out I thought they looked like maternity shirts, I guess my views have changed since then.
Was it the Stacy from my ward that did your hair? Very cute!

Amie said...

Amie, I love the LO's and your hair looks great :o)

Have a great week, and I hope you have caught up on your sleep...

Scrap_N_Angel said...

You know I love your hair already...check out my blog, you're a winner girlie!

Anonymous said...

hi Amie
Your hair looks GREAT! Who does it??? carla

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Loving the hair and can't wait to see it tomorrow at VBall. Not much going on here in my house but the Flu or some nasty bug. I had it since last Tuesday and still feeling crappy today but now my boy has it too. That is super sweet of ya to lift my layout which you did a great job of!!! I love how the colors on your layout POP way better than mine did! I am not sure if I will be able to make the crop on Friday night I have a test I have to take for the post office the next morning really early.
But wanted to say that I am loving all of our layouts and your Word journal....awesome!!!