Wednesday, November 14, 2007

so thankful for friends!

Last night CC, Dude, and I took Nat-Mat out to Ichiban (is that how you spell it?) as a fun goodbye. Can I just tell you that Girls' Nights Out are so stinkin' fun! We just need those every now and then, don't we ladies? And how better than to stuff our faces with yummy tempanyaki food (AKA, Japanese cuisine cooked right before our very eyes). The teriyaki chicken was so dang good...and the vegetables...and the rice. Yumm. Seriously juicy and tender, so flavorful. Our guy cooked very well even though he wasn't very entertaining. Nat's getting ready to move into her very first house! Of course we're so excited for her, but we're going to miss her like crazy! Not long now, eh girl? Hopefully she'll host some killer crops out there in a couple of months once the family is all settled.

Today, Christine came back over just to kill some time and do some scrapping (what else?) and even made us dinner. She's like my own personal chef. LOL!

Here's what I got done today--Monday's One Little Word Jounral entry was "Gratitude" and required paint. I did and redid and took apart and reglued this one half a dozen times before I finally liked it. I'm still not wild about it, but it's better and it's done. Tuesday's journal entry was "Joy" and required my own handwriting. No problem. It would have been more of a challenge to have to print it out on my computer! Lastly, a layout of my Cameron who incidentally had a very very rough day at school today and is suspended until next week. Sigh.

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Christine said...

Such good times! And lol, I'm not sure that grilled cheese makes me a chef, but I'll take the compliments (as needy as I am we both know I could use it). We'll have to plan for something really fun to cook on the night of the 28th. Maybe we could do something that the stuffing would go well with, hmmmm turkey cutlets and cranberries?????