Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Thanks to all who entered my Music Video Blog Candy.

Stephanie L, come on down! I loved your suggestion of Colbie Callait's "Capri" and have been working on it for days. Email me your address ok? Or maybe we can just get together some day and hang out! I'm always up for Girl Time if you haven't figured that out yet, ha.

I also really liked Christine's suggestion of "Chicago" and Toni's suggestion of "The Broken Road". All great songs--so Stephanie, you win the box of Snickers and you other two girlies will get a little something as well. I'll keep working on it this week and hopefully upload it by the weekend. Thanks for all your ideas, girls. There were some great ones that I'd never heard before, some oldies and goodies. =) It'll help me stretch and work on my skills.


Christine said...

Yay for Stephanie. I just love that song now that I've heard it preformed. That chick is so talented - oh and the one wrote the song is pretty good too :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh WOW!!! I'm usually check your blog every couple of days - I've had a crazy week and finally sit down to see how my closest friends are doing and I see that I won the contest!!! I never win anything! I think I actually wet my pants when I saw my name. :)
I didn't really care about winning (doesn't everyone say that?) I just knew that Capri would fit you real well. But I'll take Snickers anyday! LOVE Snickers!
Thanks Amie - very fun!