Monday, December 17, 2007

artsy fartsy are we

I didn't do any layouts this weekend because I've been busy making some things for some girfriends of mine (so of course I can't show them here, but I will as soon as they get them!) but here is what I did today. Dan's on shift tonight so I hope to get two more done.

Here's Cameron's work from this afternoon. Does he take after me or what? (Tim Holtz, look out!!) He made these for his little girly-friend who lives behind us, rides his bus, and is in his kindergarten class. She's such a cutie too, and a couple of weeks ago she broke her leg and has had to be in a wheelchair! What a nightmare, poor thing!

And here's what the girls made me--isn't that picture frame so awesome? Contact Dude for information on how to get your very own! And I'm sure her prices are very reasonable *wink* (trying to send some moula your way, girl!) She also made that adorable card. As you can see, I have very much been enjoying the hot cocoa mix CC made for me, and as you do not see any truffles, it is apparent I have been enjoying those as well! She also made the bookmark and the ornament (a clear glass ball with paint mixed inside of it! crafty!) I can't wait to share what I have made for them!!


Christine said...

Cute! I love your boy's smiles :)

becca said...

awe! these are fun pages and photos! thats a big ole fish!

Anonymous said...

you should be one proud Mama!!