Saturday, December 8, 2007

catch up (and mustard please)

Just a few things to document here from the past few days. First, the Ward Christmas Party Chili Cook-Off! Yummy chili goodness and homemade rolls from the oh-so-awesome Dottie N. That family knows bread products. Good thing, cuz they own a bread store. =) I took like half a dozen shots the whole night...just having too much fun eating and chatting with the girls around my table. Here's a few cuties.

How cute are these two girls? Getting them to smile for the camera is next to impossible, but I did my best. First, Toni, with a little peek from one of our babysitters, Carli in the back.

And then Joanna who was looking lovely in purple. =)

The next night, Dan and I had a little date at Paradise Bakery for the first time. It was yummy, but we think it's more of a lunch place. Hard to spend $6.95 for a tuna sandwich, but I figure, I'm paying for the experience, and for the time out with my hubster. He got the Southwest Chicken Salad (look at the size of that bowl!) and later we were treated to hot chocolate on-the-house at QT. (Have you ever had their hot chocolate? Super yummy!)

Then some pics of the kids reading on the trampoline. All was quiet, which usually means something mischievous is under way. But no, Sean was reading Cameron's library book to the two younger ones and it was so cute! By the time I got the camera, Ethan was up. I love seeing Sean read to his brothers.

Have I posted a picture of our tree yet?

And here are two layouts that I did tonight. My original goal for the year was 100, but I hit that in July. So I doubled it and am currently at 172. I got so busy doing that One Little Word book, I really haven't been doing layouts for several weeks, so it slowed me down. I figure if I try to do 2 a day between now and the new year, I'll hit my 2nd goal of 200. It ain't gonna happen, but I'm going to try.

As usual, I'm up way too late on the night Danny's on shift (yikes, it's tomorrow already!) so I'm gonna go tuck myself in all cozy and dream of a world without calories. (Oh, have I mentioned that I'm dieting this month? Yeah, I know, horrible month to do it, right? If I don't, I will seriously gain 15 pounds from all the goodies. So to you reading, please don't send us goodies, or fill them with wal-nuts so I can't eat them. *allergic*) Thank you and good night.

PS: still looking for a teenage babysitter for New Year's Eve


LIZZEE said...

Great layouts.. and fun photos

Christine said...

So much fun :-) I love Sean reading to his brothers. And for all you out there the picture of Amie's tree doesn't do it justice, it's so lovely you just stare at it when you're there.

Tim and Shawnie said...

Your tree looks real purdy. Go check out the cookie recipe on PW cooks, it has those craisins you talk about all the time.

The Bluths said...

So it was your ward that made the church building smell the next day :) All the tables were set up so we couldn't work out.

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

Cute pictures of the boys! Gotta have those to look back at when they are fighting and getting on each others nerves. ;) Love those moments!

CresceNet said...
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Christine said...

My mom went with Johnathen. Jonnathen told the guy playing Santa that his mom told him that Santa isn't real. Good thing none of the other kids heard. Cute pictures! I bet it was nice to spend time with your hubbie. BTW James can't stand Paradise Bakery. He thinks it costs way too much for a sandwich he can make at home :) I liked it :)

Delfina said...

Love the picture of Sean reading to his brothers. all cute picture's and lo's.