Thursday, December 6, 2007

calling all babysitters

Last year, Dec 31, 2006, we had a lovely family New Year's Eve. We ate junk food all night, watched some fun bands on TV, saw the ball drop, and ran outside with the kids to bang pots and pans and watch fireworks at midnight. It was really was. If I remember right, Cameron didn't make it to midnight, but Ethan and Sean did. Good times.

But this year, my hubby and I would like to go out for New Year's Eve, so we are looking for a sitter. I'm hoping that someone who reads this will either offer (ha!) or have a babysitting age son or daughter who would not mind giving up their New Year's Eve. I hate to ask anyone--and take them away from parties, festivities, countdowns, and possible smooches at midnight. least every other year, I'd like to try to go out and celebrate the old year and new year with the love of my life. It's important, you know?

So...if anyone's interested, let me know. I'd rather it be at my house, and I'll pay of course. Probably 9p-1a. Maybe even earlier than 9. Have your people call my people.


Scrap_N_Angel said...

Sorry, I would offer, but for the first time in our marriage we actually have New Year's plans, I'm so excited. I get to dress up too! Mikaela and my 25 year old nephew will be watching the boys. I really hope you find someone, so you can get out too!

Dee said...

oh Amie - I'd totally babysit... wanna fly me over?

nopefive said...

Hey girl... what age are you looking for? I have a few I might be able to spare, just email me what specifics you need and I will see who wants it. *** I love your last 2 one word journal pages.

~~Jenn R.

Christine said...

I have a girl at church that as of now is available. She's an awesome babysitter. She said she'd let me know at church. Her name is Callie, she's 16.