Tuesday, December 4, 2007

goodies and more goodies

Yesterday my daycare sweetie's grandma brought us a gift of a BOX of chocolate cookies, all fancy European chocolates. All I could say was "Are you kidding me??" because I'm trying to be so good and not gain 15 pounds this month, ha. She said to give it to the kids, so we've been rationing off the treats, bit by bit. I looked up the nutritionals and found that each cookie treat is one point, which isn't bad, so when I have a few to spare, I allow myself a nibble or two. (the dark chocolate ones in the middle are my favorite)

Then, I received my Secret Sister swap gifts for the Nook. WOW! What great stuff I received: a shadow box, an album, buttons, ribbons, stamps, embellishments, photo corners, rub-ons, and more...so much! I really enjoyed digging thru all the new things and am excited to use them. Thanks, Leah!


Delfina said...

Wow, girl I have missed a lot. Those candies all look so yummy. Good luck with the diet.

All your pages and one word journal pages look really good. I really like the passion one also.

Christine said...

OK that's it I'm joining the Nook :-)

Scrap_N_Angel said...

Yum and fun goodies!!!!

Amie said...

How yum do they look!!! WOW you got lots of yummy goodies by the looks of it too :o)

I will have to check out your song later but I am sure it sounds awesome as usual :o)

Derby Queen said...

Amie, Can you send us some Chocolate???? Those look REALLLY good!!!!!!!!!!!I just got a HUGE bar on Monday at a gift exchange at chruch. I STILL haven't eaten it yet. I'm REALLY craving chocolate now!!! I'm on page 300 of New Moon!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe what Jacob is. My mom hasn't read it yet, so don't tell her!! (I already spoiled that Edward left Bella!) Haha I'm a BAADD daughter!!
I'm gonna post another song soon!!

LIZZEE said...

Yummo on some of those cookies..
Great Secret sister gift.

linda said...

Those cookies look really good, I love European cookies and candy.

Anonymous said...

I totally want to alter that box. :). YUMMO!