Thursday, December 20, 2007

scrap happy

Just one from yesterday. Danny was off so we spent the day watching movies and eating Panda Express and no, I still have not cleaned my bathrooms.

Whenever I see this picture, I can't help but remember that we had the doors scheduled to be put in by whatever company The Home Depot hires out to do this work for the Monday after our accident (obviously I set it up several weeks prior) and so when they called Monday morning to confirm, we were in the hospital, Danny was missing his first big Paramedic Test, and obviously our mind was elsewhere. I was able to reschedule...but when I did, the lady gave me all kinds of attitude about "well when we scheduled this before, you ended up being unavailable, so are you sure you can keep this appointment??" I told in no uncertain terms that we literally had an emergency on our hands, that I had unrecognizable kids in the hospital and that our french doors were literally not a priority at the time. That shut her up. Sometimes I can be so mean.

By the way, if you are ever interested in purusing thru all my layouts, there is a link on the left under My Stuff entitled Scrapbook Layouts or you can go here.


Mireille said...

Beautiful layout! Love it Amy!

Christine said...

I really love the colors on this one. Yeah purple! The French doors are so much better.

Grandmom said...

Pretty LO amie!
Love your new doors.

Christine said...

Look at you all artsy fartsy with your purple paint and fancy cut paper. I love it of course! You're so close to your goal - yippie!!!!!!