Saturday, March 29, 2008

6 years went by just like *that*


I can remember the details of this day and week so clearly from six years ago!  I was due to have a c-section on Good Friday; my parents here to help with Sean and we were living in our itty bitty apartment for about 3 months between the sale of our condo and the closing of our home here. 

That place...oy...I don't know how single people can fit into a place that tiny, let alone a family of 3/4.  It was 900 square feet.  The kitchen had ONE drawer.  You couldn't open the fridge and the dishwasher at the same time.  We kept our food in the linen closet.    We had bare bones furniture up because we didn't want to have to move everything twice. In fact, we didn't even have a bed.  We'd had a water bed at our previous address and knew it was not going with us to the new house, so we didn't bother moving it to the apartment. The new one had been ordered, but was due to be delivered the same week I was.  *ironic grin*  (it made it there while I was in the hospital, and welcomed me when I came home, but it's pretty tall--so it was actually kinda hard getting up into it after my cesarean surgery)  I was 8.5 months pregnant and either sleeping on the floor or on the couch--which actually is how I spend the last month of pregnancy's closer to the bathroom and I don't have to wake my husband 43 times a night trying to get up and out of bed to make pishy. 

Anyway, so we were all cramped up in this teeny little place, and Sean was just short of 3 years old. I was supposed to go in at 8am I think for my scheduled C.  At 6:30am the hospital called and asked if we were coming.  Of course, I said, I'm supposed to be there at 8, right?  "We have you down at 6!"  Just a miscommunication between the doctor's staff and the hospital. So we jumped in the car and headed down  to the hospital.  By 8:38 am he was born, weighing in at 8 lbs, 10 oz,  20 inches long, and 18 days early!  Not even my biggest baby!  We were in the hospital over Easter Sunday, but I didn't mind.  Those four days in the hospital are so nice for me, I really love the longer stay.

I was much more aware of Cam's birth than I was with Sean's--Sean's was of course an emergency C-section, so I'd had Demerol and Pitocin in plans for a regular delivery--but those totally knocked me out prior to getting my spinal.  But with Cameron, I was aware and as involved as I could be.  Dan got to cut the cord with him, too.   I remember that for the last 3 months of my pregnancy, I'd had a cold, and I was so worried that they wouldn't go thru with the surgery if they knew I was sick, so during the prep, I was very careful not to cough or sniffle while anyone important was in the room!  When all was said and done and they were stitching me up, I remember waking myself up by snoring several times and then I'd laugh and say "I just can't keep my eyes open!"  They told me it was normal and to just go to I did.  =)  Later, my voice was all still squeaky and hoarse (I can remember how I sound on the video tape, introducing Cameron McKay in my sick voice!) and about a week later, I was good as new.

And now, boy that kid is a character.  He's been thru a lot in his short little life and I just love him to pieces.  He loves arts and crafts, anything to do with drawing, painting, coloring, making, he's all over it.  He also loves sports and has no fear in trying new things.  He makes friends easily, he loves to help, really is a people pleaser.  He'll come ask me if he can do chores.  He'll come to me to practice writing anything and everything, and really wants to learn writing and reading.  He has the goofiest smiles and poses and just melts my heart. 

Happy birthday Cameron!

Here are some pics from our day, and the saddest birthday party ever.  ('tis what I get for putting on a party with only 48 hours notice)










I love you, Cam!


Christine said...

Wow, C-sections. I didn't know that. I think that's so difficult to recover from, so kudos to you! I'm so sorry we missed his party. We had been planning to go to the RenFest, but wasn't sure until Saturday morning if we could go. We will definitely be bringing him something special!

Christine said...

He's such a lover. I think he could be the next Tim Holtz if encouraged enough, maybe we should bring him along to the scrappy stores.....hmmmmmmmmmm. Think of all the goodies we could have if he becase a famous scrappy guy! And you rocked the cake girl, it looks awesome!

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

You don't give yourself enough credit. They look like they are having a good ol' time!! What a good mommy and a yummy looking cake! :)

Heidi said...

6?!?! SIX?! I remember when he was born! WOW! Happy birthday to Cameron!