Friday, March 28, 2008

the creative juices have a'dried up


So, just one little lonesome layout from the past 2 weeks.  I've been focusing all my artistic energy on cupcakes.  We have cupcakes coming out our ears.  First, cupcakes for FHE a few weeks ago, then repeat of said cupcakes for the next FHE for a child who missed them the first time around, then more cupcakes for Easter and now ultimately, cupcakes for Cameron's birthday party tomorrow.



Cuz nothin' says I love you like sweet cake and cream cheese frosting  with tropical skittles on top quite like a cupcake.  This is what I'm making, although I'm sure mine will look nothing like this cute lil' thing I found on   But that's what I get for throwing together a last minute party 48 hours prior to said event.  We get what we get and we don't throw a fit.


I'm working on a couple of new songs for my repertoire (that's a list or supply of dramas, operas, pieces, or parts that a company or person is prepared to perform' for you State of Arizona employees out there) that I'm pretty excited about...should be able to post those early next week.  But for now, we gotta get through the birthday.  This is a big weekend for many, a baptism, a wedding, lots of things for lots of acquaintances of mine.  Have a good one, ya'll!

And if you get hungry, c'mon over for some cupcakes.  No joke.


Toni said...

Those look yummy! Good Luck with the Birthday Party! If you feel like some burgers & dogs after your party come on over. That's what we're doing after the baptism. Oh yeah, we're having cake too for Noah's B-day but I'm lazy and let Fry's bakery make it for me :)

Christine said...

Mmmmmmmmmm cupcakes........... dang-it I'm gonna have no scrappy supplies here soon!

Stacy said...

cream cheese icing is the best thing in the whole world. cake was invented just to have something to put that yummy icing on.

if you are lover of all things cream cheese this icing recipe takes the cake. and you can use all lite stuff and feel better about what you are eating.

12oz coolwhip (light or reg.)
8oz cream cheese (light or reg.)
cream together.
add 6tbsp powdered sugar to the yummy mixture.
HEAVEN. it is great onlemon cake or strawberry.
anyway. you cupcake picture made me wanna go make some right now.


Kate O'Brien said...

my favorite layout of yours EVER! you are finding your style - i can see it. and your work is getting better and better! this one is simply amazing! love it.

so wish i lived nearby so i could stop in for cupcakes! my favorite treat!

AzKisses said...

Another fabulous layout. You are moving and grooving. The cupcakes look so yummy. If they are anything like your cinnamon rolls I know they are delicious.