Monday, March 24, 2008

big ol' long easter weekend update

It's been a busy one from the get-go...Friday we went to the Easter Pageant in Mesa.  Dan got there around noon to save us some seats so we were front and center, literally the best seats I've ever had at the pageant.  We talked with our good buddies the Cugliettas the whole fun just chillin'.   The boys had so much fun walking around, getting autographs from the characters, and it was nice for me as a Mom to feel a bit better about them leaving my side yet knowing they would be OK.  Nice when your children get older for things like that.  It was an amazing pageant that left me in tears several times.  I just love the songs Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene sing.  Just touch my heart!

DSCF4985  DSCF4992  DSCF4993 DSCF5003

On Saturday, the boys and I hit some yard sales.  We didn't spend a lot, but we sure came home with a bunch of stuff!  Cameron spent about a dollar and came home with at least 5 toys and stuffed animals.  Another few per kid and our car was packed.  I found a metal rack/lifter thing for my pampered Chef pizza stone that I've been wanting for just a dollar, and a 1,000 piece puzzle (thanks to Becky and Eddie for spreading the puzzle disease to my husband) for fifty cents.  Also a cute little beach type purse that I'll likely never use but thought was so cute and a protractor for fifty cents--that's for circle making for scrapbooking!

Later Saturday,  we all got in our swimsuits and played in the backyard in the water and sun.  I layed out on a blanket and got fried tanned and took a nap started a new book.  =)  Later, I made 3 dozen colored cupcakes for Easter dinner at the in-laws and way too lazy to make dinner, I fed popcorn to my children at 7p and called it a night.  In theory.  I was cleaning up cupcake tins and such til 9:30 and about an hour after that, the kids finally shut up went to sleep.

Sunday...sang in the choir a lovely Easter medley, did the egg hunt, and then back to the in-laws for Easter din-din.  It's nice to have family close for special holidays like this, isn't it?  It's been a rough 2 months for this particular group of family, so it's good to reconnect and remember why it is we celebrate this time of year and put life into perspective so we can picture the grand scheme of things.

How many cliches did I just use? 

Hope your weekend was lovely, all!



Kate O'Brien said...

sounds like you had a lovely Easter Amie!!! so glad. hope you have a great week as well!

Christine said...

See you got some great pictures too! Your zoom was much better then mine for sure. It was a great time, thanks for the invite. I too spent my Saturday night making cupcakes. Frosted my last batch at 2am while watching August Rush=)

OneHappyfamily said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend. I need to get out and get a little sun to get rid of a little farmer tan I have going on the arms. Take care.

Stacy said...

That picture with Jesus and John the Baptist made me SMILE!!!! John the Baptist is my friend Bryan and I had the biggest hugest majorist crush on him for like 2 years. :) When I went to the pageant I sat too far away to see him.. your CAMERA caught what I missed!!! HOORAY!! :) Just look at that smile. ;) hehee

Love ya!