Tuesday, March 25, 2008

we all need a little encouragement...

So ever since Disneyland a month ago, I've sluffed off on the weight loss.  I'm still down 10 for the year, but I need to get back into action and lose some mo'.  I have 25 more for my goal for the year.  Totally doable.  Just like Johnny Depp.

Did I just say that??

I apologize for saying that.

Anyway, CC and I came up with a way to reward ourselves.  Money towards scrap supplies, of course.  =)

The plan is, for every day we eat right (and for me that means staying on my weight watchers' points), I get $.50.  For every day I exercise, I get an additional $.50.  For any day I eat wrong, I lose $.50.  So potentially, I could earn $7 a week.  But if I mess up diet wise, I lose money.  At the end of the month, for every pound we've lost, we get an additional dollar.  So it could be rather lucrative.  But, being as there's always special occasions, holidays, church functions with treats, baby showers, and other places where fattening food is shoved in your face, I know I won't have perfect weeks.  I'm guessing my monthly payouts will be around $20.   So we'll take our earnings and make a Hobby Lobby run with our spoils.  Sound cool eh?

Anyone want in on this?  You'd have to budget what works right for you of course, and I know for some of you, $20 is a lot less (or a lot more) that what you spend on your craft hobby of choice.  For me, it's a bit more, so I'm excited about it!

Now for my complaint.  We started this last week.  I exercised hard four days.  I ate right 6 days (and the 7th day I barely went over by a few hundred calories, but still).  I only lost one stinkin' pound.  One.  That's like 16 ounces or something.  I could wring that much sweat out of my t-shirt after aerobics class.

One pound?  What-what?? 

Very annoying.

So, trying not to get discouraged at all the hard work I did and the yummy food I passed up just for 16 measly ounces that I gain with my first big glass of water tomorrow morning. 

Anyway, I have my running total started, so that's good, right?

Oh, and more bad news:  we got a new digital scale that we believe is spot-on correct and it registers at one pound heavier than our own scale.  So in all actuality on paper, I lost nothing for week one.  Super Stink!

That's OK. I'm not giving up.  But I could still use some encouragement from my masses of adoring fans.  And by that, I mean you, Mom.  =)

(PS, happy birthday to my brother who has joined the 30's revolution!  Welcome to adulthood, Bro) 

(PPS:  I don't even know what that means.  I just like my 30's so far as I'm guessing many of you do too.)

(PPSS:  my cousin Bunny's daughter Katrina reads this blog and she's like 13.  I remember when she was born.  In 1995.  I'm totally guessing here, but she'll likely graduate from high school in the year 2013.  Does that not make you sick?  Isn't that bizarre?  She  probably thinks Johnny Depp is an ugly old man.  But who can account for the tastes of youth.  I saw "The Ten Commandments" the other day on TV and reminded myself that at the time, Charleton Heston was considered quite the hottie.)

(PPPSS:  I like fudge.)




Christine said...

LOL! I just love your blog. It really gets me through the day. Okay, I think it's a fantastic idea. I think I'll start that next week. Today I enjoyed a ice blended pomegranate/blueberry drink and pumkin muffin. *sigh* Johnny Depp *double sigh*

leaner said...

Ah the loveliness of Johnny Depp. My sister (who is 21) doesn't see him as hot, just weird. We do however both enjoy Orlando Bloom, I think. This young generation just doesn't see true beauty (in the form of Johnny Depp) like we do. They just don't know what they are missing, now do they?

If I had weight to lose (go ahead, cyber kick me) I would love your idea. Maybe I should do it just for working out... because who couldn't stand to be a bit more toned? Plus the health factor...

tif-do said...

Sis boom bah... you can do it... I do have pounds to loose, but no will power... I would fail my goal and still reward myself... I'm bad... I'm pretty sure Johnny's (SOO HOT) into bad girls... Hahaha! Good Idea!

Christine said...

Oh be still my heart Johnny......sigh. Maybe we should reward reaching our goal (100 lbs for me yikes) by flying to France and stalking him? Oh the fun we could have, the stories we would tell, the pages we could scrap with our mug shoots.......

Lorie said...

Okay, even though you got a new scale you STILL lost a pound and you should so totally still get that $1.

And although 1 pound might not seem like a lot it is 1 less pound you are carrying around, one less pound to lose. And if you HAD eaten all those fun things you probably would have gained weight which would have been a REAL bummer!!

You are doing great! Keep it up!

OneHappyfamily said...

You are histerical! I am so sorry to say, actually I'm not, that I dont see anything in Johnny what's his name! I do think Patrick Dempsey is luscious though. I love your idea, however I too have NO restraint. Funny thing is I have gone from a size 10 to a 13 in the last year and a half and only gained 5 pounds. I have the major butt spread going on here. I think our scale is broke, I will have to check with hubby when he gets home tonight. My scale is showing I am 10 pounds less than I was on Easter. IMPOSSIBLE! I will play. Fun stuff.

Jenny said...

You will do it! I need to lose a bunch of pundage too! I am not a Johnny Depp lover...I don't know why...just never thought he was cute. I like guys with a little meat on them I think is my issue :)

BTW, the trading card box, is a decorative item. I journaled about each person in my family on the back of each of their cards. It looks very cute sitting on my mantle.

Kendra said...

Amie, don't get discouraged! You're doing a great job! Arm yourself with a little knowledge and that can get you through some of these slumps. I am in the exact same place as you right now. Down 10 pounds and in a slump. You just have to jump start yourself again.

3500 calories is equal to one pound. Doing step aerobics vigerously for one hour burns 500 calories (I know of a pretty great, free aerobics class I can hook you up with!) (the preceding was a shameless plug for ladies stake aerobics, held at our stake center M,W,F at 8:30am) Running burns about the same. Walking is about half. I'm not sure where DDR falls in the spectrum. :-) So, it would take 7 days of aerobics to burn 3500 calories. If you increase the amount of exercise you do, say, a walk or bike ride in the evening, or even just parking your car at the far end of the parking lot, taking the stairs, doing squats while you watch TV, you'll burn even more calories. Add to that a reduced caloric intake and you will accelerate your weight loss. An excellent rule of thumb is to calculate 10 calories for every pound you want to weigh. For example, 120 pounds = 1200 clories. Carb intake should be 1/8 of that number. In this case it would be 150 carbs. These carbs, of course, should come from COMPLEX carbs, fruits and veg. This would be your daily intake for weight loss. If you're doing some kind of diet program, see how this compares to the food plan you are on. If what you are doing has you consuming a lot more calories or carbs than this, you may want to consider cutting back a little. You have to be burning more calories than you are taking in to shed pounds. Build as much lean muscle as you can. Muscle burns more calories than fat when you are resting.

Of course, there are always variables. Hormones, water weight, increased muscle mass. All of these things contribute to your weight. Also, try to weigh yourself at the same time each week. Your body's weight can fluctuate up to 6 pounds during the day. I recommend Monday morning, as soon as you roll out of bed and go to the bathroom. If you do that every week, you should have a fairly consistent reading. But again, time of month, amount of salt you consumed the day before, etc. can all affect your weight. Try not to sweat a pound one way or the other. It could simply be the extra glass of water you drank, or a million other variables. Some people only weight once a month to avoid freaking out.

Make sure you have A LOT of fiber, water, vitamin B and essential fatty acids in your diet. Also make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. All of these things are CRUCIAL to your metabolism.

I hope these few tidbits of info are helpful. If you want any more tips just let me know. I know you can reach your goal Amie! It's just one day at a time, looking for ways you can improve yourself every day! You go girl!

Stacy said...

is the guy who played Christ in the pageant the same guy who was photographed as Christ in the new exhibit in the visitors center?

sunshineperri said...

Hi Amie,
I'm surprised Katrina hasn't commented yet. SHe was born in 1993 and will graduate in 2012.
She loves Johnny Depp and we fight over who gets to keep the Pirate movies!!
what a great idea on the weight loss program. I might join later on....right now I have too much on my platter.

April said...

Remember that u may not lose the pound you are looking for but the inches will move. That's how it usually works for me. I don't see pounds coming off, but my clothes fit better...that is when I exercise...I haven't been doin' too much of that lately. I love the scrap supply idea. That would be a huge incentive for me. I love your style. You have such creative ideas. My creative slump has been...oh...a few years...really, I haven't done too much on scrappin', except collectin the supplies. Your blog is awesome! You are always so upbeat. I love what Kendra said as well...she's an amazing woman!

Derby Queen said...

Yeah, AMIE!!!!!!!!!!I'll b 15 on May 25!! :P And like, yeah! my sweet 16 will b on Memorial Day! (and I can't even spell it!) And I think Jonny depp is wayyyy hotter than Orly! (just don't tell aaron I like either...Hehe!(aaron's my bf btw)) SO I really love ur musical posts, I have both OneRepublic songs, Love song (and the whole CD) and Capri (again the whole CD) on my iPod! :)