Saturday, March 1, 2008

doin' disney day 1

We're back! Who missed us? We had such a great time...I can't even tell you how different it is to go to Disneyland without your kids, in good and bad ways. So nice to just get up and go whenever we wanted. So nice that we were tall enough to ride every ride. (Me, just barely!) So nice to just be a couple and reconnect. So nice not to be grabbing at little arms and having to say "be patient" "don't touch that" "stay here" "no" all the time! But there were several times when we said "Oh, the kids would LOVE this!"

So I took 466 pictures. Why not? About a hundred of those were no good, but I spent hours last night editing, cropping, etc. I figure I'll post a day at a time here on the ol' bloggity blog so as to not bore you out of your minds. This update is mostly for my mom anyway. =)

Let me first give a bazillion thanks to Danny's Step-Mom Sharon for babysitting our kiddos whilst we were away. She claims she had a great time and that the kids did great--we may never know the whole story, but it appears all went perfectly. She even cleaned my house while here--that icky stuff that I hate to do like the fridge, the stovetop and all my plants. THANK YOU!! You're welcome back any time *grin*.

Now for some highlights. We started out at California Adventure, our first time for that park. We spent about 6 hours there and I'm pretty sure we walked about 6 miles. Lots of walking back and forth, but we had a great time. We were really careful about staying out of the sun and came back completely sunburn-free!

This is the Tower of Terror. I did not like it. I likely will not do it again. But I did it for my honey.

This is the Bugs Life Theatre, a 3-D show that is really more like 4-D. This is one of the things that we said the kids would have LOVED. Water squirts at you, wind, it feel like bugs crawl under your seat--it's really fun!

The boardwalk is full of little picture points like this.

The main attraction at California Adventure is the California Screamin' roller coaster. Holy toledo is it fast! And smooth. Really really fun. We did that several times.

There will be a lot of shots of us in this pose...only so much to take pictures of when you're sans kids!

A little refreshment in the heat of the day.

The 3-D Muppet show was cute.

I'm sure I must have had pics with Mickey as a kid, but this is the first I can remember. I actually got a little emotional over it! Mickey kept giving me kisses!

We saved the river rafting ride for the end of the day because we didn't want to have to walk around all day in wet clothes. I covered up with my jacket as well as I could and still got soaked on my back, but Danny got it the worst. We were on a ride with 3 little boys who were just crackin' us up as they kept hoping to get wet!

We ate dinner that night outside the park at the Denny's, lol! After being in slightly wet clothes all evening, it was nice to slurp down some cocoa and get back to the hotel for a nice warm bath. We got addicted to the Discovery Channel while we were there, lol (we don't have cable at home) and slept hard the first night from all that walkin'!

Tomorrow, day 2!


AzKisses said...

Love the pictures so far. Looks like you two had a great time.

Christine said...

Yes we missed you! Elizabeth wanted to adopt Sophie though, but I told her I was a little attached to her. You look like you had a ton of fun. I can't wait for the next installment. My day is not complete without reading your blog, so I've had several incomplete days this week :)

Carca said...

I am so glad you two were able to get away as a essential! Looks like a fun place to go as a couple:)

Christine said...

Awesome post, simply awesome. You deserved every fun minute!

Jaime said...

I'm glad you guys have a fun time, our family loves Disneyland and California adventure! It's great to get away together and reconnect.

Mike & Kenia said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great time!!!! and yes, Sharon said that she had a great time with your kids, she even mentioned the trip during the "good news-minute" at RS today!!

jinxi said...

I love all the photos.. you guys crack me up!!! Looks like tons of good fun was had!!! :)