Sunday, March 2, 2008

doin' disney day 2

(Look down below for day one if you missed it yesterday)

Wednesday was our designated Disneyland day! Started out with a lovely continental brekky, jumped on the shuttle, and were on our way. Our first ride was Indiana Jones which I just love! While here, Dan and I both got a turn to be the driver.
We did the Tiki Room because we're geeks and we just have to do it. Singing anamatronic (is that the word?) birds just make us smile. =) We did Pirates of the Caribbean a few times and it was fun to see the new changes they've made, like adding Captain Jack in several spots, and changing the sound bytes to include the voices of Davy Jones and Captain Barbossa. I was grinning like an idiot the whole time. Those pictures didn't come out too well <----- of the ride, not my grinning idiot face.

For lunch we ate at the Golden Horseshoe and watched a show, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. (Thanks Leah, for the suggestion). They were a foursome of 'brothers' named Billy who played stringed instruments. Very well. They rocked! One of my favorite parts from the performance is when they all played each other's instrument while also playing their own. So funny and very talented.

Later, more favorite rides like The Haunted Mansion and Thunder Mountain Railroad (I *heart* that one!)
Gratuitous armpit shot.

Because we could and had time and were childless, we went on the Mark Twain river boat, something new for us. It was kinda cool; I enjoyed seeing all the little made-up village sites as we went along. It was warm up on that boat though.

Idn't he cute?

For yous who are unawares, they have converted Tom Sawyer Island to The Pirate Lair--this is where you'll find Captain Jack Sparrow and a bunch of fun caves full of treasure, rope bridges, forts, and other fun things to climb on and explore. Another thing the kids would have loved. Here are some of the fun things you'll see there:

Me, personally? I loved this:

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

My heart was actually pounding in my chest after this little rendevouz.

OK, moment over. Onward.

We did Space Mountain a lot. I think it's my favorite. Well, one of them anyway. On Wednesday there were hardly any crowds so we could ride a ride and be back on in 10 minutes. So rad. Oh, there we are again.

And again.

You're gonna be begging for pics of my kids after seeing our ol' faces so much on here!

That's us in the back on the Space Mountain ride. I know, too sickeningly sweet right? This pose was my idea. Dan's pose was for me to strangle him. We tried it twice and both times our picture was 'lost in space'...I think Disney may have something against violence.

Gotta get this obligatory pose.

OK so dinner tonight was something I'd always wanted to do--the Blue Bayou. That's the restaurant sort of inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where the boats float by at the beginning? There's candlelight and it's all dark and probably the only place I've ever eaten in my entire life where a reservation was encouraged (and yes, we had reservations that I made a week or two ago). So here's the deal: always wanted to do it, didn't know if the dinner would be any good, was certainly gonna be expensive but hey, it's my 10 year anniversary. I'm worth it.

The mood, service, ambiance, great. The food...not so much. I got the ribs and could barely get 2-3 bites down. Dan loved his. I didn't, so they comped us my meal and I got my salad, roll, and scalloped potatoes (which were marvelous, by the way) for free. At least I've done it. =)

So day 2 was awesome...we were back at the hotel and in bed by 10:00 I think, totally exhausted, and woke up the next morn at 7. Have I mentioned how nice it is to vacation without kids? Day 3 coming tomorrow. =)


Toni said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I'm so jealous. We should go together next time =-) I think it's funny your pictures got "lost in space" for violence, cuz in the one you have, it looks like the guy in front just punched the lady next to him.

AzKisses said...

More great photos. Love that you got some on the railroad ride. Im normally hanging on for dear life. Don't know how you did it. Also love the space mountain pic. The lady in the front row is cracking me up.

heather said...

I'm so glad you guys got to do this!! No one deserves a little break more. How fun!!

Christine said...

OK you have to go back to blue and get the pork, so much better, melt in your mouth goodness...yummmmmmm. And I agree with Toni, that chick looks seriously scared, lol.

Amie said...

How awesome, your little getaway looks like so much fun... We are going to the Goldcoast to see all the theme parks in April and you have made me get all excited now not that Dreamworld & Seaworld would compare to disneyland.

Glad you had an awesome time :o)
Hugs Amie

Amy Birch said...

What great pictures, Amie!!! I'm so glad you had a fabulous exciting!!!

Jenny said...

So much fun Amie!!! these pics are terrific.