Monday, March 3, 2008

doin' disney day 3

So we come to our last day. Aren't you a little bit sad that it's almost over? I am! One fun thing we did whilst there (and this isn't anything new, I've always done this) is whenever we were on stairs and I was one-step-up from Dan, I'd turn around to kiss him. Since he's 10 inches taller than me, his kisser isn't always at a convenient spot (not that he'd ever turn down a big wet one) but whenever we were on stairs, we'd pucker up real quick (or take our time, depending on the line, hee hee) and then giggle like teenagers. =)

Also by day 3, we figured out we could get these free pins that said Happy Anniversary on them. Everywhere we went the staff would wish us a happy anniversary, so that was kinda fun!

So, we got great sleep that night. So nice to wake up on your own and not via alarm clock or loud children! We got an early start and were on our way to the park well before opening hours. We went thru Downtown Disney and found the gifts we wanted to get for the kids, Dan's step-mom, and my daycare kiddos, and found the Confectioner's Shop that Amber had told us about, urging us to get 'Smores'. Later, we did. See pic farther down below.

We started our Disney experience today with our longest wait: 60 minutes for the new Finding Nemo submarine ride. For future reference--this one's worth maybe a 30 minute wait, but not a 60. But by Day 3, we weren't rushing anywhere.

We saw this adorable Jedi Training Academy for the kids and really enjoyed it--the host was pretty funny (so scripted, but funny the first time thru anyway!) and he brought something like 20 kids up to become little training Padawans.

These pics were taken just outside the Monorail ride. We sat across from a really annoying lady who was talking up her friend and just being generally obnoxious. She also really needed to NOT be wearing shorts.
We hit the Golden Horseshoe again for lunch, this time the chile in a bread bowl (oh so yummy) and then cruised back over to California Adventure for some last chance rides. Danny was intimidated by this ride:
But he really wanted to say that he'd tried everything. So he did it and loved it and proceeded to try to talk me into riding it for the next hour or so.

During which I lost his sunglasses. I felt guilty about that (only $5 but still) so I let him talk me into going on the ride. I don't like rides where you feel like you're freefalling and losing your stomach, but he doesn't either, and claimed this ride didn't do that. In fact the fun part of this ride is the shooting up, not necessarily the coming down. I was pretty much terrified, but I did it. It wasn't horrible, but I didn't love it either. Again, at least I can say I did it. Here's some video from one of Danny's trips on the MaliBOOMer:

Here's those yummy smores!
We stayed til the parade went thru and the park closed and once back at the hotel, we tried going out for Bennihana's japanese food, but the table sitting next to us was throwing a drunken party and I just wasn't feeling it. So we skipped across the parking lot to a Mexican food place. We sat down at 9:30p. We ordered, were served, ate, and paid all by 9:58p. The service was fast and the food was amazing! Our waiter was the type who never wrote anything down, but got everything right. We were too hungry to remember to take a picture of our meal, but I got the sonoran quesedillas and ohmygosh they were soooo good! Will definitely remember that place!

So of course it was just an awesome awesome week! I'm already aching to go back! We've told the kids we'll go back when they're all tall enough to go on all the rides, which means age 5 or 6 or so for Ethan (he turns 4 in 2 months); thus, time to save up those pennies! The kids had a great time with Grandma and hated to see her leave.
I think we need one more of these, just because I can. =)


AzKisses said...

How fun.. Really sounds like you had an amazing time.. Im so jealous. Jed doesn't do rides since he had vertigo so a trip for two to Disneyland will never happen. That is why I take Tayla. She is a trooper and goes on just about anything. Thanks for sharing. It was fun to read about your adventures.

Christine said...

yeah! I loved the Jedi Academy. Corny but cool, that Darth Maul is neat (okay it's because I'm a geeky fan, I'll admit it). The Nemo ride was great for me because Sophie enjoyed it so much. That's probably why it was my fave she would just laugh and point at the characters with her little nose pressed up to the glass! And yes, I'm a bit sad that it's over, but the shot of Jack made me feel better.

Rachel Hall said...

I've loved seeing your daily pictures and recaps from Disneyland. So glad that you got to go and had such a great time... that pic of you and Jack is priceless. Can't wiat to see your layouts for these pics! ;-)

Scrap_N_Angel said...

Wow! I love all your pics. What an awesome time you two had. My boys would never forgive me if I came back with pics from the Star Wars film and they didn't get to go. It's fantastic that you both got to get away. It looks so fun.

Carca said...

i enjoyed reading about your trip..I feel like I tagged along...great descriptions, thanks...just the vacation I needed!!!