Monday, March 31, 2008

for those of you...

...who saw my husband fall asleep in sacrament meeting yesterday (and many sundays prior), I apologize.  He had just come off 49 straight hours of shift work and hadn't slept much the night before.  He had some great stories from this shift though, so if you ask him, I'm almost certain he'll share with you.  That boy loves to tell a good story.  Anyway, I used to get embarassed and poke him to wake him up, but you know what?  It would be so easy for him to just skip church and stay home to sleep.  He works hard yet he knows this is where he's supposed to be, so I just let him snooze a bit.  He missed some great testimonies though.  Just don't hold it against him if you catch him nodding off during high council Sunday, ok?  {I do that too sometimes.}

...who have requested certain songs by me, or said kind words about my music videos, thanks!  I appreciate you watching.  Let me state here under no uncertain terms:  I do not think I'm a good singer.  I'm not just being modest or what-not, I really don't.  But I Love it.  So I Do it.  My very cute dork of a husband says I should try out for American Idol to which I respond with

a)  Thankyou, but you have to say that, you are my husband.

b)  I am too old.  I think the cut-off is 28.  and

c)  I'm not good enough and I wouldn't get past round one.  I'm pitchy and squeaky and my range is so low, etc etc etc. 

But it was sweet of him to say.  Nope, I do it just for me and me' public.  =)  Thanks for watching.  Just in case you didn't know hithertofor, all my music can be found on the left side of my menu under 'the singing scrapper'. 


But just for the heck of it, and to further pad my ego, here are my 15 musical uploads:

stop and stare
love song
for good
new soul
not as we
the broken road
home to you
high and low
moving on
make a memory
against all odds
the way I am

...who are turning 58 today and named Jerry and live in the Fresno area and are a father to my loving husband, happy birthday!  We love ya!  This one's for you! (the outtakes on this one are hilarious!  We kept a couple of the takes we did not use because they make us laugh so much)

...who are Twilight fans and are chomping at the bit to see the movie {out December 2008, who's with me, opening night!?!??} check THIS out from the set of the movie, photography by Amy Howe.  This is the most vampirish I've seen our Edward look yet.  Sigh.  Swoon.  Repeat.
...who knew about the fact that we had two dozen delicious cupcakes and one round cake leftover from our birthday party Saturday, and were worried that all that yummy goodness might go bad before we could inhale gorge consume them all, worry not.  They now reside in my tummy.  Oy. starts again tomorrow?


tif-do said...

I'm a Twilight fan and even more excited about Breaking Dawn coming out this summer. YAY!!! I'm still not quite convinced that Cedric Diggory can pull off Edward. But as for the cast for JAMES.....sooo cute, makes me feel old, but I'll say it agian... SO CUTE. As for Bella and the rest of the Cullens, pretty good casting!

OneHappyfamily said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Your kids are so animated! Great job boys.

Christine said...

Love your songs! Missed New Soul some how during my crazy two weeks that I hardly blogged. Think you are an awesome singer (and not just saying that because you're my friend.)
Love a great Danny story! And anyone who heard his talk should know that he knows where he needs to be. (and he's not the only one nodding off. and I had a college professor who said you actually obtain more information when you sleep while someone is talking cause your mind is not wandering or daydreaming).
Ok, ok I'm slowly warming to the idea of the on screen Edward being a gawky British kid. He's starting to look like a Cullen. Plus Alice is perfect and the shots of Roselie look amazing! Opening night I'm there with ya, wearing my Edward shirt.
Hey in cake there are eggs and flour and all sorts of good for you ingredients!