Thursday, April 3, 2008

he shares my love of all things bon jovi related

Ethan's version of  Blake Lewis' version of Bon Jovi's version of "You Give Love a Bad Name (Shot through the Heart)" from American Idol last year.  We'll play this song in the car and I kid you not, we have to put it on 'replay' because just as soon as it's over, Ethan's yelling "AGAIN!!"


Derby Queen said...

aren't little kids the cutest? well...them and puppies! lol. soooooooo how goes it? I like bon jovie (kinda) too!


P.S. thanks for the love song tip. My BFF and I are learning it 2gether.

Toni said...

That's hilarious. He's just too cute!

Gina Hanson said...

OMGosh, Amie that was just way too Cute! :)

Jill said...

Rock on! My little guy is a Queen fan himself. His favorite song right now is "We Will Rock You." I tried to convince him "I Am a Child of God" would be a better bedtime song, but you can't come between a three year old and his music.

Stephanie said...

Very Dang Cute!! :)
Hey, isn't there a scrappy thing this Saturday? Email me info, I accidentally deleted the other email.

sunshineperri said...

My ring tone on my cell is "BLaze of Glory". I love Bon Jovi!!!