Wednesday, March 26, 2008

in memorandum


white_calla_lily.500of my Aunt Ann who passed away yesterday after a long battle with lung cancer.  We'll miss you!   Ann is my first aunt or uncle to pass away, and ironically enough, I just mentioned her daughter (my cousin Bunny) and granddaughter Katrina in yesterday's post.  I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers.


Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Sorry to hear that Amie! I will pray for your family!

LIZZEE said...

sorry about your aunt.. It's a horrible battle.. Praying for your aunt and the loved ones she left behind.

Derby Queen said...

Amie, Thanks a ton! Ur card was beautiful! u did a really great job. We just got home yesterday so we have a TON on cleaning to do. And I can finally play my keyboard and a guitar that isn't HUGE! i'm also not on a slow-ish laptop either! and I don't hafta live outta a suitcase! :) So thanks again, this week's been tough. Thanks for your prayers!