Wednesday, March 12, 2008

let's call this one 'amie's spring break' day 3

{I posted this last night, Wednesday, then I thought better of it and decided to wait until today}

Heh heh...cuz my husband took my two sons overnight camping and gave me about 24 hours off! No kidding! Well, other than daycare kids of course, but tomorrow I'll only have my one Sitting Charge so it's easy breezy!

Now I have to apologize because Dan took the camera, so I'll have no lovely pictures to back this up, but I got to go on a little shopping spree. ;) A big thank you to #2 (ie my friend and one of my daycare mommas, Christine), I had a gift card from Christmas that I cashed in and bought a totally cute red/white floral shirt and a white spring skirt and get this: brown safari print wedge shoes. Waaaay cute. I can't wait to show you pictures.

Then I did some quickie grocery shopping, a Home Depot run for some lovely red geraniums that I'm going to pot tomorrow morning and put on our front patio, and ultimately some yummy in the tummy Panda Express. Oh bliss! Watched some American Idol, did some scrapbooking, and just relaxed in a totally silent house. Love it!

The boys are doing great and having fun with their cousins--both of them already got their shoes wet and Ethan got pushed into the lake (only knee high but he fell all the way in and got soaked) but when I checked this evening at 10, all the boys were in bed.

Tomorrow: picture updates!!


leaner said...

That sounds like total bliss!
Lucky you!

Christine said...

That cute shirt you were wearing this morning? I love it, if I wasn't so out of this morning I would have said something. You looked adorable! I'm glad you had fun with the gift card. Isn't quiet lovely?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Quiet.........I have that EVERY day!! It's called no kids!! And it's great I tell ya!