Monday, March 10, 2008

spring break day 1

Ahhh...the lovely days of Spring Break are here, with fabulous weather, a few plans here and there, and one less kid to do it all with. {Sean is visiting Grandma and Grandpa in St. George for the week} Dan's off on a 48 hour shift, so we decided to make a day of it.

The kids actually slept in a bit today, not getting up until 7:30. Shocker! We did the regular things during the day, but once the daycare kiddies were gone, we took off for some fun. First the Public Park up by the library...always good times.

Aren't little boy shorts so cute? Ethan's are on backwards. An homage to Criss-Cross back in the early nineties. {And for my State of Arizona workers, 'homage' is another one of them dang french cultural words I use and love, meaning an expression of high regard, or tribute. Go look it up, I promise.}

Then McDonalds for din-din...always fattening food. The playroom was about 138 degrees so one other patron and I complained. We were told, "Well it's set to 79 degrees." was at least 85 in there, maybe more. Finally I asked for a manager and brought him out to the playland. He finally agreed that it was warm and he'd call maintenance. 15 minutes later, he came back in to inform us that the fan up on the roof had stopped and that it should be cooling down soon. That made me really annoyed at the first two people we'd complained to!

Then the neighborhood park for more fun, and then home for FHE where Cameron and Ethan helped make chocolate cupcakes. With chocolate frosting. And chocolate chips. What can I was Cameron's turn for treat!

We made some, ate, then slipped into a diabetic coma.

Later, when we came to, we took some of the coma-inducing-cakes to our new neighbor who just moved in last week. Then, we danced in the living room! My kids are totally my kids when it comes to dancing...just can't get enough! Later, scrapping for me (I'll show at the end of the week) a movie for them, and then they fell asleep together on the couch.

Can I get an "awww" ??


tif-do said...

Criss-Cross will make you JUMP JUMP!
What a fun day!

Christine said...


We State of AZ workers just pronounce it home-age...

becca said...

busy day!! sounds like fun! the cupcakes look delicious!!

Christine said...

looks like a bang up good time!!!!!

AMANDA said...'re boys are too cute!! What fun you guys must be having!! :)