Monday, April 28, 2008

i'm six! (as he holds up four fingers)

  Yes, he's four.  For some reason, he's latched onto 'six' because Cameron is now six.  We had a fun little family and friends birthday party this weekend and holy beans he got a lot of toys!  This isn't even all of them!  Thanks everyone, my big FOUR year old loved them.  (Sniff, my baby is so not a baby any more!)






Christine said...

We have his present at the house still, bad friends, bad. Yea for being 4/6 =)

Derby Queen said...

Awwwwww....Tell him I said happy b-day! I can't wait to see A. Bernice and U. Ken! It's been WAAAYYY too long! OMG less than a month!!! =^D we r cleaning like crazy and I'm finishing up my school work so we can have a break!! Can't wait for MAY!!! (and they'll b here on my B-DAY!!! The BIG 1-5!!!)


Anonymous said...

Happy Berfday Ethan!!! FYI, Rachel just had her 4th today, Olivia Kay Greer. Finally a girl for them.


LIZZEE said...

Happy Birthday Ethan

Linsey said...

Okay, finally delurking, I have read your blog for awhile, time to say Hello. Anyway, What is it with 6? My son (who is 2 almost 3) has claimed to be six since he was old enough to answer that qustion. He always holed up 2 fingers but says I'm Sick!

Amie said...

Happy Birthday Ethan, looks like you had a great day :o)