Thursday, April 24, 2008

six-word memoirs

I saw this on Cathy Z's blog and found it very interesting.  Watch the clip; it'll fill you in.

For me, I'm considering the following:


Saw it, photographed it, scrapbooked it.

My body likes being 150 pounds.

Johnny Depp: I'll be here waiting.

I'm the geekiest person I know.

Keep your cats away from me.

My personal hell:  cockroaches in elevator

Be happy with what you have.

Secretly wishing husband is a vampire.

Missing a little pink around here.


So what would your life be, told in six words?


Christine said...

Awesome idea, love, love, love it.
I will post mine tomorrow.

Derby Queen said...

Life is just waaaay too funny! Those are my six words....and yours were awesome. Loved the Johnny Depp one. I'm actually wearing a sock with his face on it! :) And I love the "secretly wishing husband is a vampire!" I'm rereading twilight...I missed some stuff the first time.....I definatly reccommned re-reading it!

Trina :D

Toni said...

How about "What the heck was I thinking?" or "My greatest accomplishments call me mom."

leaner said...

Written words record a life's accomplishments.

Heidi said...

ROFLOL! Secretly wishing husband is a vampire! haa! I just finished reading the series...I'm HOOKED! Can't stop thinking about it!

heather said...

i love all of them.

Stacy Householder said...

I SHARE your personal hell!! lol Please tell me that did NOT happen. I think I woulda fainted!!

I love this story idea, it's cute :)