Monday, May 5, 2008

sea world

A long time ago in a land far far away of teenagerhood, I went to Sea World as a skinny sassy save-the-world hippy/grunge please-notice-me-but-oh-my-gosh-don't-notice-me 17 year old.  For some reason, to this day I can still remember what I was wearing and what I was thinking as I toured The World o' Sea with my family.  (black shirt which I used to change the button color on each week {why??} with grungy shorts and boys boys boys)  I remember being absolutely enthralled with the penguin exhibit and spending a lot of time in there.  I remember that we didn't sit close enough to Shamu to get wet.  And I remember the embarassment I had as we exited and I realized I was burnt to a crisp, lobster style.  Pink does not to begin to describe my skin color.  It was more like a rich bright crimson.  And ouch.  I distinctly remember Ouch.

This time around, we took no risks.  We slathered on the 50spf  Water Babies sunblock every 30 minutes or at least every time we sat down.  And I'm happy to report, we are sunburn free.

And the land rejoiced.

Sea World was great...especially because we went May 1st and there were no crowds.  Lovely cool weather, salty sea air, still sun, but manageable sun.  Shamu and all his buddies were thrilling to watch, even as an adult.  Somehow my children coerced us into sitting in Row 4 of the Soak Zone.  Soak is right.  We got slammed twice!  My hair was dripping!  The kids complained at first, but as I mentioned the sun was out, so we dried off pretty quickly, except for all our nooks and crannies.  Poor Cameron though, he's having an awful Exzema season and that salt water was so painful for him.  We literally had to change his clothes he was in so much pain.

I took hundreds of pics at C-Dub (get it?  Sea World...Sea W...Sea Dubya...C-Dub?  ok it's a stretch, I'll admit, but for some reason I am all about nicknames right now) because my little no-nonsense camera takes fabulous outdoor shots.  I condensed them into a slide show a la Toni's site for your viewing or ignoring pleasure. Thanks for viewing.  Or if you like, ignoring.


LIZZEE said...

That is the best time to go you were lucky... Great for you.. Glad you had fun...

Delfina said...

I love that place. Glad you guys had a blast. Love all the pictures.

Natalie said...

Oh, I feel for Cameron! Poor guy! Hope he still had lots of fun. Sometimes it feels like eczema never gets better - it just gets tolerable, then worse.

What a vacation! Glad you had so much fun! And your camera is awesome! Great pictures!