Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my work this week

I am so totally loving the white backgrounds, simple style, few embellies, and hand drawn lines!  I tried doing one layout with colors and patterned paper shown down further below, but it is just not me.


My hubby lates this layout, lol!  I love it.


I copied this from the great Ali.  I'm not crazy about it.  My hubby loves it. 


I think this one's my favorite. I totally copied it out of a Simple Scrapbooks magazine.



Sorry about the pic, my light was really bad.  And this is the aforementioned 'tried to use color and patterned paper and layers' in which I failed miserably.


Did this one Saturday night in about half an hour.  The dreaded 2-pager.  Probably one of my favorites in a while (2 pagers that is, cuz I can not do a 2 pager to save my life), but I had a great subject.  =)


The Bluths said...

If I had done that last page I would be like "hey check out my awesome work, I rock!"
You're so hard on yourself I don't see anything wrong with it.

Kate O'Brien said...

love them all Amie!!! love how your style is evolving! great stuff.

Heidi said...

I like your "simple" style, too! But I couldn't ever pull it off! It's like people who leave cute little counter decorations out in their kitchen...looks great in THEIR kitchen, but if I left them out in my kitchen it would look like I didn't clean! LOL! LOVE the baptism layout!

Toni said...

Great job Amie! I love the baptism LO. It looks "great" :) I should have waited to do mine. Then I could have lifted yours.hee hee! I have no scrappy mojo right now. I can't even make myself pull the stuff out.

Lorie said...

Great LOs! I love OUT!

Natalie said...

lovely, as usual! i really like the pp you used. it really compliments the whole page.

OneHappyfamily said...

Love, love, love, the growing up is hard work and the one of you and hubby! Nice job!

Amie said...

Great LO's Amie, my fave is the first one... I might just have to do one of those for myself :o)

Dana said...

How beautiful! I'm not very good at that kind of thing, but I'm trying to make a scrapbook with my daughter. It is turning out nice so far.

Carca said...

Well done....congrats on Sean's baptism