Saturday, June 7, 2008

cam's kindergarten graduation

I have to type this up and get this out there because for the last three days I've said "I reeeeeally need to take some time and update my blog" and in the mean time, more and more things are photo worthy and blog worthy and I find myself getting farther and farther (or is it further and further?) behind, so I'm just gonna go ahead and blog about something.  So there.

Cameron's kindergarten graduation.  How cute is this.  I just love these things.  I wish it had been a tad more intimate (Sean's was held in his classroom and so only his classmates and their families were in attendance, whereas this was held in the cafeteria with all 5 kinder classes and hundreds of family members in attendance.)  But it was really cute.  The teachers had put together a slide show of all the classes doing different things throughout the year, and set the slide show to fun music that the kids had fun dancing to.


Incidentally, isn't Cameron's eye healing up really well?  (It's his right that had the surgery if you can't quite tell.  Almost one year later and I think it's lookin' great.)


This is Mrs. Starits, Cameron's teacher, whom I love love love!  We were so happy to get her at the semester, and Cameron did really great for her.  We were thrilled to learn soon after the transfer that not only is she LDS, but she's in my brother in law's ward.  So cool.  Cameron will totally miss her . (I will too!)


Can you believe he made it?  (lol!)  Wow, what a rocky start this kid had.  I think no fewer than 13 principal office visits/calls.  Oy.  Double oy!  And all but one of those in the first semester.  I'm proud of his growth and accomplishments this past year.


Umm.check out my monkey to the left.  The treats were good evidently.  On to First Grade, Cameron!


Christine said...

How cute is he? Yeah, I knew he would get through! BTW, Johnathen gets to go to 1st grade too!

LIZZEE said...

How cute... ahh to be young agin..
Congrats on his promotion

LIZZEE said...

How cute... ahh to be young agin..
Congrats on his promotion

Delfina said...

How adorable!!!

Amie said...

Thats awesome Cameron :o)

Heidi said...

His eye looks phenomenal! I can't tell! Yippee - welcome to the rest of your life - where the grade promotions aren't nearly as fanfarey!

Jesika said...

I'm so glad things ended on a good note! His eye looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

What a doll.. Congrats on his promotion. Great to see your back at it! Take care, Tammi

Natalie said...

Cameron's eye does look really good! I'm so glad! I was worried that they'd give up on making it right. Lucky for them, it's working out! Fun graduation pics!