Monday, June 9, 2008

'camping' <----- that's my story and I'm stickin' to it

Once upon a time in a land far far away, before any of our computer woes, we took a nice vacation to Prescott to go camping at the Lowry Cabin.  The weather was perfect at a lovely 80 degrees all weekend-back home, they were having their first 100 degree day.  Poor saps.

What words can express how good a few days away feels?!  It was simply amazing.  This was my second time up at the cabin and likely the last as the Lowrys will be moving down to the valley as soon as job transfers can arrange it.  We are sad about this.but happy for the happy couple who will get to be closer to grandkids.  =)

We spent the weekend cooking for each other, watching movies, playing games, hiking of sorts near the cabin, scrapbooking, boating on the lake, scrapbook shopping (love that Scrapbook Den!) and in general relaxing and eating way too much junk food.  Well, most of us.

My dear friend Christine was newly pregnant at the time, and hadn't told too many people about it.  Her reasons for being unable to go camping had to remain a mystery to most of the public, but now you know why we had to change plans last minute.  As a newly prego diabetic, she has to monitor blood sugars often and is on heavy duty machinery at night (lol, picture Darth Vader.) that she absolutely was forbidden to do without.  We were a little disappointed, but seriously, the weekend couldn't have gone any better, and it was much more relaxing and easy than camping would have been, so thanks CC!  We'll getcha camping some other time.  Camping with a newborn.?  It's doable!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the weekend and if you so desire, go here to see the web album for more.


What is it about boys and sticks?  There were several occasions when the phrase "leave the sticks outside please" was heard.


The boys loved exploring the woods outside the cabin.  Several times they'd sneak off without me being aware they'd even gone outside.brave little suckers.


My Muscle Man shows off. that where the ceiling fan is?  Thanks, Dan.


Here's one of my favorite forever families.  =)  And baby makes three.


You know I'm master of the self-portrait.  And pull-my-finger, always pull-my-finger.  Usually not at the same time.


He's mine girls.


And he's lucky to have me, too.


Gratuitous nod to "Twilight" and vampires everywhere.


I can hear you already, Toni, and no, I'm not taking this picture off my blog.  How Cutie Patootie is the Dude, ladies and gentleman?  ;)


And Brother Dude.  Love your shirt, man.


Cameron, about three seconds after he was caught making pishy in the woods.  This is one of many instances when members of our party saw all three of my boys in the nude.


I love this picture!


The kids hogged the boat and didn't let any of the adults have a turn.  At least they had fun.  And we had fun on the land without them, lol.


Isn't she a doll?


Cameron was lucky enough to find a willing Grandma in Sister Lowry. 


"This one can only move diagonal."  (Or something.I don't play chess)


"I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm gonna win!"


"Watch my mad chess playing skills."


No surprise here, 15 minutes later, Cameron came into the house to announce that he had won his first game of Chess.  ;)  (Thanks, Barb!)

If anyone else has good pics of the weekend to share (*cough cough* CC and Dude!*cough cough*), let me know!  We had a great time, thanks again, Lowrys!


Christine said...

Great pics! It looks like you guys had a blast! LOL, love the vampire shoutout!

Toni said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I totally missed the "twilight" photo shoot.(get a room!) :) I love the pics of Cameron playing chess with my mom. Maybe we can sneak in another visit soon before they move their stuff down here!

Natalie said...

"pishy"! You have funny words!

Christine said...

Ok I posted too. Fun times!!!!!! I'm with Toni - lets go again!

AMANDA said...

You are too dang cute!! I love the pics of you and your hubby....I don't know why but for some reason you look sooooo familiar to me!! CRAZY!! :)