Thursday, August 28, 2008

look what came via fedex yesterday!

Oooooooooh baby.

Come to mama.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. . .

(And that was only my reaction to the FedEx man.  Seriously, how have I not noticed this cutie patootie before?  Our UPS man I'm very familiar with-he's the same guy that has carried for our route since I've lived here, so he's like family.  But the FedEx man?  Anyone else seen him lately?  He's a tasty treat)

Like what he delivered!!


Know what it is?



We've been expecting it this week!



Oh yeahhhh. . .  'Member when I won that Dryer's Ice Cream Party for 100 People 2 years ago?  Well, I won it again.  Yes, I'm a tad bit lucky that way.  Too bad I never play the lottery.



I want to rename this you've died and gone to heaven.



Yum.  Where have you been all my life?  (And see that little 1/2 the fat label?  That means it's guilt-free!  Right?  Right?!)



I think I'm going to have to give myself this as a stage name.  From now on, all Music Mondays will be performed by "Cheesecake Diva"!



Can't wait, folks!  This Saturday, 6:30pm, please bring a 2 liter pop to share and some lawn chairs to seatest thyself upon.

(And, if you didn't make it on my original invite list, email me and I'll add you to it!  My RSVP list leaves room for more)


(Anyone want to invite the FedEx guy?. . . I'm kidding, I'm kidding. . . I think.)


Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

How do you win everything, LOL? That Carmel Delight sounds delish! Love your layout below this post, the colors are great! Enjoy your ice cream party!!!

Toni said...

What's with all the 1/2 the fat ice cream. I mean come on. If your gonna eat ice cream you need to have all the fat too! That's what makes it sooooo good. ;-)

Christine said...

Oh hello lover! Caden and I are drooling already. I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back for not diving in last night lol!!!!!!!

Christine said...

Yeah!!! Can't wait!!

Derby Queen said...

dylan thinks its cool you wanted to invite his daddy, the fed-ex man! lol jk. it's a joke cuz the fed-ex guy in NY looked like dylan, so yeah...I'm the mailman's daughter...(not really...)

So that's sooooo cooL!!!!! I wish we cud win an ice cream party! actually, we're fixing to have ice cream now! lol! ttys!


P.S. I recorded a song 4 u...but I'm emailing it to u after school! :D enjoy it! :D

leaner said...

Lucky you! That looks like a great amount of tasty treats. Have fun... maybe when you win it again next year, we will come out.

leaner said...

Oh... and we haven't had the same fed ex or ups man/woman. But we have had a few cuties... in the little shorts. humunah humunah

By this shall men know said...
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Lorie said...

How fun is that! My Hubby has a weird lucky streak like that, but it has never resulted in that much ice cream! Which is probably a good thing!

Looks Yummy! Have a great party!

cmecham2000 said...

So, I know I am a little slow but how did you win all of this Ice Cream? I would love to hear your lucky story.

Margee' said...

Wow! That's alot of ice cream!

jinxi said...

GOSH>... Luckyyyyy {in my Napolean Dynamite voice} ehehe congrats!

sunshineperri said...

where do you find these contests to enter?
I enter so many....only have won cleaning supplies, air freshners and a disney package that half the stuff was broken!!!
You are lucky!!

Jenna said...


Delfina said...

You lucky girl! They all look yummy.

Dahlene said...

I thought I left a comment yesterday on this. You are such a lucky dog. You remind me of my aunt. She wins everything!!

I think it is a pre-qualification that if you are the Fed Ex guy you have to be hot. What's that movie where this cute Fed Ex guy comes into the salon everyday and the girl drools all over him? In the end she ends up marrying him.

I never see my UPS or Fed Ex guy. He rings the bell and runs. Maybe he is not so hot so that is what his employer tells him to do.