Tuesday, August 19, 2008

our busy saturday and more

We did have a busy weekend!

It started out with a fun primary activity of Water Olympics.  The best part about that activity?  the fact that all three of my chitlens are in primary so Daniel-san and I had a glorious 90 minutes to ourselves.

So we did what any normal parents-sans-children do with 90 minutes of free time!

We yard-saled!

That's right, baby, we walk on the wild side.

It was actually rather productive.  We spent a total of about $15 and came home with a gameboy color system for Cameron, three puzzles, some games for the kids, several kitchen items including 4 loaf pans, a staple gun and staples for Dan, a bicycle helmet for Ethan, and a very lovely bundt pan for myself.  Bundt.  That's so fun to say.  That word always reminds me of  "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Good times.

Then, we hustled home, changed the kids' clothes and headed down to Glendale where CiCi's pizza was hoping to set a world record of having the world's largest pizza buffet.  For free.  Yes indeedy, free cardboard pizza for all!  It actually wasn't that bad, for free, and we could have all the pizza and drinks we wanted.  There were bouncy houses for the kids, face painting, the Cardinals bird Red made an appearance, and more.  I saw a few peeps I knew (shout out, Heidi!) and all in all, only lost a child once among the throng of 10,000 people.




I have pizza in my teeth.  Don't hate.





We arrived at the arena at 11am.  When we left, it was around 2.  We soon found that as we entered the parking lot, it was so very hot outside, that the tar parking lot had melted.  Hundreds of us tried walking back to our cars with our shoes getting stuck at every step!  Those of us with sandals on had the worst time, because the rubber completely stuck to the blacktop!  A lady behind us had her shoes break!  We offered her a piggy back ride, but she just sent her SIL ahead of her to get her car.

Dan decided to do the same for us because Ethan and I were both wearing flipflops and couldn't go more than a step or two at a time without getting completely stuck.  I mean it was crazy!  I'd never experienced something like that before!

The funny thing was when he was in the car, waiting for his turn to pull out into the exit lane, there was quite a lag in time.  We were hot and sweating obviously, so I decided to try to make a break for it and meet him half way.

Lol, bad idea!  My shoe broke right in the middle of the street and I was completely stuck!  He jumped out of the car, ran over, scooped me up, and carried me back to the van!  People were yelling "whoo whooo!" and whistling out their windows.  My hero!!  It was frustrating but completely hilarious at the same time!  What an experience.  I'm sure my kids won't soon forget the time we all got stuck melting into the parking lot.

Later, we went to the temple for a nice relaxing night out.  A lil' bit of Chipotles' at days end and the night was complete.

***Update on my weight loss:  I basically just lost what I gained back last week on the Nyquil.  Dirty stinking rotton. . .  so I'm down 7 total.  Sooooooo slooooooooow.  I don't suppose both pizza and Chipotle in one day would have anything to do with that. . .


Margee' said...

You had quite a weekend! Mine are very low keyed. I really enjoy reading your blog, Amie.

Christine said...

How very Edward of him ;) to sweep you off your feet.

Christine said...

Oh you did just fine that night at Chipotle, and with all the sweating after the pizza I'm sure you burned the calories right off. That is if there is even calories in free food? Hummmmmmm wouldn't that be lovely, no calories in free food. I'd be a dinner crashing fool, lol.

Kendra said...

LOL! sounds like a fun day! We went to the temple on Saturday night. We missed the 5:30 session by 2 people! The chapel was full. I was so upset! Were there a lot of people from our ward there?

Jenna said...

That is too funny about your shoes. I could totally picture it. They should have let the asphalt cure a little longer before having a party!!