Wednesday, August 13, 2008

terrible horrible no good very bad nyquil and my 12 of 12 pictures for august

After my post Monday complaining about my odd weight gain the third week of Atkins diet, Chris reminded me that I'd been taking Nyquil for half the week.  That horrible stuff is full of corn syrup!  Though I can't find the nutritional information, I'm sure it had more carbs than I was allowed (and I was taking it a couple of times a day) so I absolutely threw my body out of ketosis, THUS everything I ate those days probably went right to my butt.  It's amazing I didn't gain MORE! 

So that's my story and I'm stickin' to third dieting week failed due to that nasty green bottle.  Ick.  I shudder just thinking of the taste.

In other news, I passed 40,000 hits this week!  Whoa!  What fun to have visitors from all over the world.  Again, if you haven't introduced yourself, please do.  So fun to meet everyone.

Here are my 12 of 12 pictures for August.  It's a fun little thing headed up by Susan.  Check out her page for more info and for pictures and scrapbook layouts from gals across the the www.


First up, the breakfast of champions.  Cameron literally came out this morning and pointed to the two boxes asking, "Which one is healthy?"  To which I answered.  "Neither.  Now pick one."  I love pancakes and bacon and am willing to make big breakfasts.  But what do they love?  Cereal and pop tarts.  So be it.


My three little men's backpacks ready for the new school day.  We finally got wise and stopped buying backpacks in the school section of wal-mart-those usually only last one year and then fall apart.  These we find in the camping and hiking section and they hold up so much better than regular backpacks.


I was making strawberry jello this morning (it made my kitchen smell yummy!) and thought the powder looked pretty cool before I poured the boiling water in.


Finally took my guitar to be restrung-two strings had broken I discovered this morning, so it is far and away for the next 4 days and will come back fresh and new.


We ate blueberries with our lunch.  I love nature's colors, don't you?


Here's the required self-portrait of the month whilst doing one of my chores for the day, cleaning windows.  I need a hair cut and a dye job.  And one less chin.


Cameron's first piece of homework-decorate the paper bag and put something special in it for their Show and Share tomorrow.


I got all 8 boxes of granola bars for $2!  Thanks to my sister-in-law Becky who does couponsense, she filled me in on some good deals making each box a steal at just a quarter.  =)  Score.


The kids' snack after school, fig newtons.  I remind you that the serving size for fig newtons is ONE.  (1)  One.  Who on this green earth opens up a package of newtons and says "I'll have myself one of these, and that should fill my craving."  It's a conspiracy.  These suckers are just so good. 


Dan took the boys swimming so Sean was sure to leave his CTR (Choose the Right) ring behind.  He's very proud of it and doesn't want to accidentally lose it or have it slip off his finger.  (Reminiscent of anyone?  Do I need to remind anyone that my husband is on his third wedding ring, partly due to this very problem?)


I find it amusing that a full half of my 12 of 12 pictures are of food.  Hee hee.  Can we say ""Momma's on a diet" ?  BBQd dogs for din-din and yes I walked away from these and they burned on the bottom.  But that's how I like them.  (Mine are the two teeny ones on the right, the Hebrew National 98% fat free dogs that come out to one weight watchers point each.)


Sean's Pack Meeting was tonight for Cub Scouts.  He finally got his new Bear neckerchief with slide and earned his swimming belt loop and swimming pin.  Go Sean!


Christine said...

Down with Nyquil, long live Fig Newtons!!!!

leaner said...

Mmmm figgy goodness. I had to plant a fig tree because my grandpa had one, and the smell of them reminds me of him.

Your hair looks fine. You should see me (oh wait you can... I posted a not so flattering pic of myself today. Sigh.)

Good tip on the backpacks. Luckily Rhayn doesn't need one for school, but I will probably sew her a bag to take, just for fun.

Stephanie said...

I also do couponsense and got 16 boxes! LOVE my coupons!!!! :)

Trina said...

Just wanted to introduce myself, I am old friend of Natalie, and I find myself visiting your blog more and more. So motivating! :)

Your family is just adorable, and you are one talented mamma!

Jenna said...

Trix sound sooooo good right now. I could live on cereal while I am pregnant! And I'm sorry, but I only see one chin in the self-portrait!