Monday, September 22, 2008

i'm full of scrap

Don't Go


Daycare Momma

Molecular Attraction











Now to be fair, I'm not just sittin' around doing layouts all day.  Far from it!  Between the new daycare kiddo and my Biology class (getting a 99%, thank you very much!) I've been swamped during the day, but at night, I try to do at least one layout, and I did go to one crop this week as well.  I'm doing all these for challenges and prizes, so I'm motivated.  Once Nook U is done, and Angelina's virtual crop finishes up, I'll get back to my 2-3 a week I'm positive.

Which is your favorite?  I love this last one, which was a challenge to lift someone.  This is lifted from a Heidi Swapp layout.  I also really like Cam's annual photo/layout.  Since I took the pic, I added a #5 next to my handwriting on the left, to signify this was his 5 year pic.  That was taken almost a year ago already.  How time flies.  I also really like the heritage one I did of my mom and I, and the Chemistry one I did of me and Danny.  Thanks for looking.  =)


Christine #2 said...

I think you are just a cutie-patootie in the Nook History challenge layout w/you and your mom. Adorable! But, I do have to say, I love them all and will most likely lift some soon :)

Shauna said...

How awesome! I love the title on this post too :) You are so very talented and do a great job!

jinxi said...

These are all awesome layouts Aime!!! I sooo love the money love/hate one.. Thats pouring things out and of course the focus on the boys. Keep up the good work Momma!

ps: I tagged you on my blog! I know youve done a bunch so if you dont want to so much.. just make up something would you.. haha You are sooo creative! :)

jinxi said...

ps: I forgot to say THANK YOU!!!

Jenna said...

I think Cam's LO is my favorite...LOVE IT! And I will lift it, that's for sure. :) It was fun scrapping with you the other night, it had been too long!

Toni said...

WOW! You've gotten a lot done. These are awesome as usual. I love the one of you and your mom. Ethan totally looks like you. You better slow down though or you won't have anything left to do in Prescott :)

Lorie said...

Very nice!!

Ashley Harris said...

Look at you! Miss busy! I am getting about a LO done a day. Who knows how many cards...Fun isn't it when you accomplish so much!!!

jennmom2000 said...

Those are all so great. I love how you did the ribbon star. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I really like all your work.. But I love the card idea and the cam lo.. too cute!! Thanks for sharing your lovely work!!

pysselpetra said...

I like your style and your color combinations, epecially on the top 3 LOs in this one. And the bottom LayOut - just cant stoplooking at it, so simple yet so stylish. It is great - says is all!

Jemma said...

WOW dont suppose you fancy passing some of your scrappy mojo onto me do you????

GREAT LOS but i LOVE LOVE LOVE that card, i think i may have to steal that idea from you if you dont mind!

Celeste B. said...

Geez you have been busy. Love your fun style and handwriting.

Linda said...

Wow, are you good with journaling or what! Fantastic!!

Natalie said...

WOWZERS! awesome! I have to say my favorite is 'the Man' one. Love the colors, layout, everything! Just awesome!

cmecham2000 said...

I like all of them! However if I had to pick a favorite, I really like the MAN LO of your hubby. I like the diagonal thing you have going on. Great job!

Janice N said...

Wow! All of your layouts are awesome!

Rosjen said...

Your LO "love" make me wants to lift you! Amazing!