Tuesday, September 23, 2008

legos legos everywhere



I see them here

I see them there

I see those legos



Under couches

in the hall

beneath the table

near the wall


Red, yellow

green and blue

the legos come

in every hue.


600 legos

the box said

But at least half of those

are beneath my bed.


The legos

they seem to repleat


underneath my feet!


I see them here

I see them there

I see those legos everywhere.


Nita said...

hehe I see the same LEGO problem over at my sisters house. It seems to multiply itself too, huh?;-)
I enjoy visiting your blog, love the colour combo you have on here.

Jo said...

Haha, I know the feeling... And nothing hurts as bad as a Lego!

You have some really nice layouts here!

Jeja said...

Oh, Amie, your photos could be taken in my house!!! Those little things seem to be everywhere! And how it hurts to step on one...

BTW, your Molecular Attraction-layout is my absolute favourite throughout the entire Nook U! It's so clever!

Anonymous said...

THat's what I have to look forward to in a few years! lol. You have a beautiful family and some great layouts!

Brook S. said...

What an ode to Legos and a great poem at that! You need to scrap it! And I'm glad I'm not the only one stepping on tons of tiny toys!

Gems said...

Lol that was fun! :o) xxx

AMANDA said...

LOL!!! Love that poem...it looks like my living room too....*sigh* boys are a joy right?!? :)

Jemma said...


worst is when you stand on them ouch!!

Christine #2 said...

Which is why my husband refuses to buy Joey an legos. He got some for his birthday and James is threatening already to throw them away. Nothing ticks him off more than stepping on a lego.

Jannike said...

What an AWESOME top you have!
You are a very good photograph!

Legos HURTs...*lol*, but I actually love legos!

Lisa Shatzer said...

You're blog is adorable! I love your Ledos poem.

Anna said...

I know what you mean about Legos everywhere. Fortunately my sons are teenagers so we don´t have the legoproblem anylonger - we have other problems : )
This is my fist visit but I love what I see. Your scapstyle is wonderful so I will be back

TweetyUllis / Ulrika said...

What a poem!! I know what you mean, but my daughter leaves jigsaw puzzles everywhere... Not too nice to step on either.

Charlotte said...

ugh...the lego fight is a nightly ritual at my house!

I love your work! You always inspire me :) (just thought I'd let you know ;) )

Natalie said...

I love this! I tried to comment late last night, but it froze my computer and so I went to bed. :/ This is our house too, except with cars. I think I have a lightning bolt from McQueen tattoed/embossed on my foot!

OneHappyfamily said...

Oh I so remember those days. I have a bucket of them in the family room right now. It gets better, soon they will put them away without having to be told. Hang in there.

Two Boys and a Teenage Girl said...
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Two Boys and a Teenage Girl said...

that's cute I threw all mine out after I started walking on the sides of my feet, constantly worrying when I would step on the next one (0:

cmecham2000 said...

Great take on the SEUSS man!

Wendy said...

i sooo know where you are coming from!

Lorie said...

I feel your pain! The pain of stepping on many a lego in your bare feet.

katie said...

haha! this blog post totally made my morning!!! it reminds me of my twin and me when we were little.

[and i looove your LOs on the post below this one by the way.]