Monday, September 15, 2008

ichiban = japanese tempanyaki nummy nummy food


Lots and lots of pictures ahead. And a couple of fun videos.

This is for posterity sake, so, you don't mind, do you?

I knew you wouldn't.

Plus, it's always fun to look at food.

PS, I ate this not 6 hours ago and my stomach has been growling with hunger for the last 3. It's so true what they say about asian food!

Anyway, so we went to IchiBan for some tempanyaki. For those of you who are not familiar, it's a style of Japanese cooking done right in front of you on a hot hot stove. Lots of knives and clanging and tricks and in this case, comedy. I've been to tempanyaki restaurants four times now, and this guy, Pancho (Pancho? Yes, I realize that is a Hispanic name. He was in fact, Hispanic. Makes no difference. He worked the tempanyaki like nobody's business) is the best I've ever had. Funny, entertaining, and just good at what he did. He didn't mind me flashing away with my camera either. At least he claimed he didn't. =)

First, some random shots. Cuz I love randomness.

Well actually, that's not true. Randomness throws me into a tizzy (a tizzy? why am I speaking like this tonight? Oh yeah, it's because I had a diet Coke at 6:30 at night and I'll likely not fall asleep until 8am tomorrow. Where was I? Oh yes, randomness.) No, randomness sends me into panic attacks and the need to organize and clean and be in charge. However, for picture sake, randomness is a good thing. Just hold your breath for a few seconds if you can't stand it. I'll tell you when to breathe again.


CC #2 and hubby James. I think this is the closest James came to smiling at my camera all night. He's a teddy bear, but gettin' him to smile for a picture is a feat in itself.


The woman that needs no introduction (*grin*) CC#1 and hubby DJ. They'd just gotten some horrible news but were doing their darndest to have a good time tonight and forget about their worries. I'm praying for them.


Dude and Bro. Cheater Dude (Yes Brent, I still remember. And I shall never forget.) And how cute is Miss Toni tonight with her curly hair? Since Brent served his LDS mission in Japan, he was one of the pros at the table tonight.


I loooove this picture. I may get it framed. I just got really lucky. It's a self-portrait too!


The aforementioned diet Coke that sent me into an assured sleepless night. With 2 straws. Cuz it was my birthday. At least that's what I told myself.


It's perty. I love it.


Pancho!! He's so rad. Please ask for him if you go to the Litchfield location. He will not disappoint.

Totally cool, eh?

Now for some random food pics. Can you handle it? I'll hold your hand and we'll get through it together. If you need to hold your breath, now is the time.






His rice "pizza". He cut out a slice, can you see it?


And the beautiful rice "heart". He put his spatula under one side of the heart and made it 'beat'. Adorable!





Radness. Sheer radness.
















It's good!

Later, we went to CC's mom's house for some swimming. A bit cool in the pool, but it was still fun. No pics of that of course, even I know better than to bring a camera out when there are women and swimsuits involved, but it was a fun fun night! Thanks for sharing my birthday with me everyone! (Tomorrow I'll blog about my presents. Amie is spoiled!)

And oh yeah! Breathe, for heavens' sakes! The randomness is over!


Christine #2 said...

I have the weirdest faces in those pictures! Thanks for inviting us, we had a blast. James did too, althought he doesn't show it as much.

Toni said...

I had a blast! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your fun day. I even like all of the pictures :)

Christine said...

It was a great night. We had so much fun! Thanks for having a birthday so we could all stuff ourselves and splash in the pool =>

The Bluths said...

Looks like a fun place. We'll have to give it a try sometime. What happened with Christine? Is there something wrong with the baby? Of course that's my first thought, maybe it's not that big, but you can't leave people hanging like that!

Jenna said...

That's so fun! It's always good to do something out of the ordinary for birthday fun!

Shauna said...

How awesome! Cute pictures! Glad you had a Happy Birthday you deserve it! Hugs :)

Dahlene said...

I wanted to go. You really need to come be my neighbor. Fun knows how to follow you.

I need to go to Tempanyaki. Matt doesn't go for Asian food, but he would take me for my birthday if I ask him to. I think I will. That looked fun and yummy!

Jaime said...

mmmmm...that's one of my favorite places to go! Happy Birthday Amie!

cmecham2000 said...

Looks like a fun group! Happy Birthday!

Karen said...

Happy Blated birthday???? I am a little addicted to facebook. thats where I spend my online time. I did however update my blag a little... Thanks for the prodding. Karen

heather said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!