Tuesday, September 16, 2008

indulge me whilst i brag about my birthday

So first of all, I'm totally spoiled. Let's just get that out of the way. My hubby had way too much fun picking out presents over the past few months, (and was unable to keep a few of them a secret-he was just too excited-remember that he gave me the Vampire book-by-you a couple of months ago?) it was cute. Note: all I wanted and asked for was the "Twilight" movie calendar.


It's gonna be fun drooling over these pictures in 2009. =)



But the karaoke for PS2 was a nice surprise! That's gonna be fun too!



Dan actually gave me these faux pearl earrings a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining I had no earrings to go with my pearl necklace. Squeaky wheel gets the grease I guess!



And then onto more Twilight stuff! Bella's bracelet with Edward's heart 'diamond' and Jacob's wolf. Hee hee!



And earrings to match. LOL!



My friends spoiled me too! The above goodies were from Christine.


So is this totally cute card. She said she got me this 2 months ago when Ethan was calling me "Your Highness." Love it!



Toni gave me a $20 gift card to the Scrapbook Den, a superniftygreat scrapbook store up in Prescott. I'll be going up there in 3 weeks for our Prescott Scrappy retreat. Totally looking forward to a visit to the Den.



And this really neet digital photo album/keychain is from Chris (#2)!  What a creative gift!  I'm looking forward to using it!

Thanks everybody!


Margee' said...

All kinds of goodies!

Enjoy them and keep in touch!

Dahlene said...

I like the Twilight earrings and bracelet. How cool is that? Sorry I didn't know it was your birthday. I've thought of a cool present I can send for Christmas. That will make up for my lack of sending a birthday gift.

cmecham2000 said...

What a clever guy! He needs to add his own charm. What would it be? Let me know!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amie! It was great seeing you again. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! Love all your pics. That digi keychain is too cool. Angelina

Lorie said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!

jinxi said...

Very cool and happy happy belated birthday to you sweet chick!

Shauna said...

That is great! Happy Happy Birthday Amie :)