Tuesday, September 9, 2008

if i had an ipod, these would be on it

My latest favorites. Check it, don't wreck it.

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

Come On, Get Higher - Matt Nathanson

Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade (PG)

Rock n' Roll - Eric Hutchinson

So What - Pink (PG)

What About Now - Daughtry

Please Please Please, Let Me Go - Muse

- O.A.R.

Love Remains The Same - Gavin Rossdale

Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood

Do You Believe Me Now - Jimmy Wayne

I Still Miss You - Keith Anderson

When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls (PG)

Closer - Joshua Radin

- David Archuleta


Derby Queen said...

AHHA!!! WE THE KINGS WE THE KINGS WE THE KINGS!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!! Didja know they're from FL! :D:D how cool! You SO need an iPod. They're sooo cool! :D


Christine said...

Oh how I love Secondhand Serenade. Sigh, so good.

Dahlene said...

Dang. Have you seen the video for "Just a Dream"? I bawled through it. Very sad, but very good. I love "Do you Believe Me Now" too. I love, love, love David Archuleta. I have a "Crush" on him. Love that song. It's on my mp3 phone. Look at playlist.com. You make your own playlist like you see on my blog. Lots of fun!! I have all of David Archuleta's songs on it.

Lorie said...

You should ask Santa for an Ipod! It will change your life! ;D