Monday, September 8, 2008

mixed nuts and cake **edited w/ some good news**

Saturday night we got together with Dude, Brother Dude, CC, and #2, and went to an Improv show in Peoria. Dramagenics, or The Mixed Nuts as they are called, are a troop that do stand up improv comedy and have just celebrated their year anniversary together. The great thing about this troop is that they have totally clean family safe humor, no naughty words or suggestive elements. And another score: because of the anniversary party, these seats were buy-one-get-one-free.

Let me just say: ha-halarious!

We laughed so hard and really enjoyed the show!

At one point, Danny was called up on the stage to help with one skit, the "movable statues". His job was to physically put the actor into different positions and the the actor would respond. The situation was "Diarrhea." LOL. Because he helped, he was given a free Dramagenics T-shirt.

It's hard to understand because of all the laughing (and the camera shake, sorry) but I've tried to transcribe below. Enjoy.

Man: Oh, I've got it so bad, it's coming out my armpits!

Woman: Well I told you, listen, 12 corndogs will do that to you...I, uh, would like to, really shout it from the rooftops! {...?...} it's really putting a damper on this weekend.

Man: Did you know you only have one shoe on? It's really all I can see.

Woman: Yes I do, I only need one shoe.

Man: Do you think I should model tight leather pants when I have diarrhea?

Woman: I'm really too focused on my ice skating career...

Man: I'm thinking wax on, wax off right now.

Woman: {...?...} I fell on the ice, I'm pretty sure I did. I'm having uhh ...yeah, yeah, my triple lutz is way off.

Man: Oh sheesh. It's coming out my nose!

Woman: {...?...} because, I'm having uniform issues. Nothing seems to fit.

Man: I thought about being a sumo wrestler, but I'm not Asian.

Woman: No, I mean, I'm not really sure that's the career you want to go to considering the issues you're having. {...?...} on my serving ability.

Man: That's OK I just lowered my glass shield.

Later, because it was their anniversary, they gave cake to all the audience members. We totally want to go back again. They perform every Friday and Saturday night.

**edited to add: I just received an email from Brian, Dramagenics' publicity manager, who found my blog via a google search finding publicity about the anniversary. He liked my comments about enjoying the show and is going to use some of my quotes above for their 'publicity stuff', not sure what that entails, lol!, but he's also hooking us up with some more tickets. They. Rock. Hard. =)


Christine said...

So cool. It was a great night. #2 and I totally need to take the hubby's back there for a date night!

Margee' said...

Sounds like you had a great evening.

Christine said...

Everytime I read my name I think Patrick Stewart LOL. Yes, we are totally going to date night this one, it was so fun!!!

Lorie said...

How fun! And free tickets! Yeah!

Heidi said...

a member of our old b'ric is one of those guys. i should go one of these days!!

cmecham2000 said...

Looks like fun!!!

Jenna said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun. We loved it when we went as well. And you got a great deal!