Friday, September 26, 2008

scrappy me


This challenge was to scrap a song.



This challenge was to scrap in a shape other than square or rectangle.



This challenge was to scrap a quote.



This was a supply challenge-I had to use buttons, chipboard/grungeboard, 2 different patterned papers, embelishments, and use journaling strips.



This challenge was to journal/title in another language.



Another scrap a song challenge.

The following are pictures of a mini book/album I made this evening for a big challenge.  I've never done anything like this before, and for about the first hour I worked on it, I hated it.  Finally I started having more fun with it and now I love it!













Delfina said...

You go girl. Love all the work you created.

keri said...

Great work as usual! I especially loved the mini book, those are my favorite!

Margee' said...

You have been awful busy creating, great job!

LIZZEE said...

Looks Awesome

Torrie said...

I can't believe what you have been doing for Nook U. I am lov'n the mini album. You are AmaZinG!

Heidi said...

you make me sick. I don't think I can play with you any more.

Sharon said...

I really like your style Amie and I especially love how your mini book turned out. I am not big on doing mini books either!!!

Jeja said...

I love your layouts and I love your minis! I really like your style, girl!

Linda said...

Creativity has suuuure been flowing in here, you have done some great things!

Rosjen said...

Love your top-pic and all your work!!

The Bluths said...

Love looking at your challenges

Celeste B. said...

Love your handwriting.

becca said...

amie, your many pages and projects are awesome!! I have been avoiding your blog because I was reading breaking dawn, and now that I am finished I had to come stop by and read your assessment of the book. I have to say, I think you are right. I agree the honeymoon was well written, and I really like Jacob... but I am annoying about the imprinting too. I too wanted there to be a rumble. Kinda wierd that for many pages they were actually just standing there with Bella thinking and nothing really happening with the Volturi. Also, such a bummer about Edward's book, that stinks just so bad. I missed Bella and Edward's relationship too. It seems like once Bella became a vampire she was poof, a grown up, all mature and what not. anyway, I gotta get kids to school, just wanted to pop in and say hello!

Shauna said...

Your scrap pages and cards are awesome! You are so talented Amie :)

jinxi said...

Wowzers youve been busy... Love them all.. but I think my fav is the family fun book! Great job!

also.. reading your grade.. umm hello Ms. Smarty! Keep up the good work! :)