Thursday, September 18, 2008

to my new jersey visitor

Real quick, I got the sweetest email this afternoon from a gal who had stumbled onto my site via the brownies in the crockpot post (which remains to this day the highest visited post on my blog evah, netting around 400 views that one day! and still getting dozens every day from CrockPot Steph's site). Anyway, she sent me the sweetest email, a little 'hello, I feel like I know you, even though we're strangers', and as she is a stranger to me, I read her email from my junk folder.

Well in my excitement to write her back, I accidentally hit 'delete', and as you know, if you delete email from your junk folder, it's gone forever. A little bit of digging and using my sitemeter references told me she's from New Jersey and I just want to say, Hey, Sister, thanks for your nice words about my blog! And please write again. =)

I promise I won't delete it this time.

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Shauna said...

How awesome! I love meeting new friends on here it is great! Sisterhood is the BEST! Hope you are having a great day! :) Hugs