Tuesday, October 14, 2008

33 things i love about my hubby

I know, it's cliche...everybody does it. But just the same, it's his birthday and I am nothing if not cliche.

1. He loves to sing to me.

2. He is a hard worker.

3. He is very romantic.

4. He is a continuing college student even though he HATES his class.

5. He loves to surprise me.

6. He always has the most creative date ideas.

7. He sings to our plants.

8. He always takes the trash out.

9. He'll get the kids up and dressed Sunday mornings so I don't have to.

10. He has the funniest read-out-loud accent (and not on purpose!)...think Apu from the Simpsons.

11. He loves to take me to the temple.

12 . He bought me my favorite flowers as a surprise and planted them in the front yard.

13. He loves to save money by building things himself.

14. He always says "nice" when I show him my scrapbook pages.

15. He let me read the entire Twilight saga to him. Twice.

16. He's very strong.

17. He tried (and failed miserably) to recreate the date in which we got engaged, when he gave me my wedding ring upgrade. I cried. (Happy tears)

18. He appreciates that as a scrapbooker I love having our pictures taken, and he'll volunteer to take mine so I can be in pictures as well.

19. He gives the best back massages.

20. He's totally hot.

21. He never calls in sick to work.

22. He has beautiful blue eyes.

23. He made a CD with our song on it and took me out by the mountains so we could have our own private dance one year.

24. He honors his priesthood.

25. He totally lets me have my way. On practically everything.

26. He comes from a wild, wacky, wonderful family.

27. He is a return missionary and still speaks fondly of the people in Argentina.

  28. He is a great dad who loves to rough house. Usually ending in someone getting hurt.

29. His feet are softer than mine.

30. He gave up R-rated movies this year.

31. He's also given up football on Sundays, opting instead to tape the games on the VCR and watch them Monday mornings. He hates that, but he does it.

32. He encourages me to have Girls Nights Out.

33. He is a great cuddler.


Love you, Danny!


Lorie said...

Happy Birthday!

Christine #2 said...

We love Dan too!!

The whole Cavazos Family :)
(especially Sophie)

Anonymous said...

That was so sweet. Take care, Tammi A

leaner said...

AH... and someday I will get to meet him!

You know, I have been trying to figure out why my doctor looks familiar. It is because he looks like your hubby, at least the pictures of him. At least now I don't have to stare at my Doc and wonder "did I meet him at a party once" or "Did he used to work at the Denny's I spent way too much time at." Now I know. He looks like some awesome guy married to a great girl whom I have known since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

jinxi said...

NOW theres a keeper!!!

and I LOVE the photo of you and him together by the tree!

cmecham2000 said...

What a STUD!!

heather said...

He is such a great guy, and you are so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship!!! happy birthday danny!