Wednesday, October 15, 2008

12 of 12...supposedly

Well, to be honest most of these I took on the 13th because I forgot about 12 of 12 on the actual 12th, and then I didn't even finish up that day, so I took a few more on the 14th and then I remembered I hadn't done a self portrait shot yet.  So I took that tonight.  It's more like a 12-of-12-ish.  You don't mind, do you?

Now that we've established how completely imperfect I am, let's move on to the actual pictures.


As was the great tradition of our fore-fathers before us, my kids slept in the living room the night before a holiday.  It's a conversation we have every Friday night, or Thanksgiving Eve, Labor Day Eve, or Columbus Day Eve as the case may be.  If there is no school the next day, they want to sleep in the living room.  I don't know what the draw is personally.  To me, it's rather spooky out there, in the dark, hearing the sounds on the street, cars occasionally shining lights as they drive by.  But, they love it.  And the living room is always trashed by the next morn.


Chocolate chip cookies for Family Home Evening.  And these, my friend, I made with 60% cocao chocolate chunks.  Probably some of my best ever, if I do say so myself.  And I do, because I polished off 6 of them yesterday.  Munch, munch, gulp!  In good news, I finally got out of my 10 pound loss-plateau!!  Yeah. . . umm . . . I gained back two.  I don't care.  Those cookies were worth it!!  And if I hadn't eaten our FHE treat, it would have surely been sacriligious, right?  I mean, against God's plan and all?

And you know what's doubly depressing?  In Biology this past week, I learned that one slice of pizza has something like 500 calories in it.  One extra slice of pizza can not just be walked off by a quick 20 minute walk around the block after din-din.  No no, you'd have to walk something like 6 hours to burn off all those calories!

There, haven't I made your day?  I read that and immediately rewarded myself for staying away from pizza by inhaling 6 chocolate chunk cookies.  And they were good.  And my stomach rejoiced.  My butt jiggled, but my stomach rejoiced, darn it!


These, on the other hand, I will not touch with a 10 foot pole.  #1  because they are disgusting.  #2 because they are orange. and #3 because they come out of a pumpkin's butt.  Just kidding on that last one.   


My sweet goofy Ethan loves playing around with these medals all day.  Today, he tied one to the back belt loop of his pants so that he would have a 'tail'.


I just started this book as suggested by many of my GoodReads friends.  Anyone read it ? I'm about a quarter of the way through and I'm enjoying it.  I just saw the preview for the movie yesterday, and it also looks good.  I didn't realize Dakota Fanning played Lily.  Very cute.


Amid complaints, Sean has been working on belt loops and pins for Scouts.  One of them had to do with basketball and demonstrating certain passes, shots, and general knowledge of the game.  We got this freestanding basketball hoop for $30 at a yard sale of a neighbor who recently moved to Utah.  Great buy!


My kiddos love our Halloween decorations.  Some of my daycare kids do not.  Savannah, who lives behind us, will knock on the door and then quickly step back about 8 feet when she comes to visit.  Danny calls this spider Tobey.  Because if Tobey McGuire can be named Spiderman, then our spider can be named Tobey.  Or something like that.


I am thrilled (get that, thrilled, how much of a dork am I?) that my lilys are growing back already!  We cut them down maybe 3 months ago when it got too hot and they are already starting to grow back.  I love their big full leaves.  They're just so beautiful. 

Don't I sound like a senile old senior citizen, pointing out my elation over foliage?  Just imagine me in a rocking chair without teeth or a bra.  Well, you'd be half-right.  I still got all my teeth.


More foliage I hope to be excited about soon--Danny has finished my planter boxes and filled them with dirt and necessary fertilizer and random stuff and I have planted.  I have corn, bell peppers, green onions, carrots, and zucchini.  I'm so excited!  And no, I'm not putting that bra back on ya young whippersnapper! 


Here's the belt loop and pin info Sean's been working on this week for scouts.  He's competed baseball, basketball, and is halfway through the computers requirements.


Monday marked 5 full weeks since Danny's mom left for her LDS mission to Toronto, Canada.  We write her every week (each of us) and send pictures and art and silly stories.  Mine are full of inconsequential stuff and nonsense about my deodorant not working (so I stink and don't wear a bra, I'm a catch, ain't I?) and questions about how to get jello powder out of couch cushions and if George Washington was ever asked for ID, did he just pull out a quarter?  I don't think she finds me very amusing, but at least I amuse myself.  She probably just thinks, "I need to pray for her more."


And tonight marks quite an accomplishment for me.  I'm only 3 days into the week and I have finished both assignments and all my studying for Bio already.  I had one quiz, one lab, and some pretty tough study material involving cellular respiration:  glycolosis, krebs cycle (hollah at me if you know why I giggle at this phrase so much), and oxidative phosphorylation.  Oh yeah.  Anyway, I still have study guide stuff to work on because the mid-term is in less than two weeks (did that not fly by??) but my parents are coming into town tomorrow night and I wanted to have time for them.

Wow, ok, I am really wordy tonight.  Sorry about that.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take my teeth out for the night.


Christine #2 said...

Ah, Krebs cycle and jello in the cushions. Cute, bra-less. Funny!!

Crockpot Lady said...

I am not pleased that I now know how many calories are in a piece of pizza.

they don't label the delivery box....


jinxi said...

You are the most hilarious person I think I know.
Candy corn... a pumpkins butt? hahaaa.. I cant wait to tell Hunter where *cotton candy* comes from hahaaa.
Go put on a bra *in my best Napoleon Dynamites Grandmas voice! hahaa

The Bluths said...

The link thing didn't work, sorry.

Margee' said...

Amie, I so enjoy reading your blog entries, mine are so boring next to your's.
Good luck with your class.
Email me some time, lots going on with my health these days.

Heidi said...

LOL - I don't understand the 12 of 12 thing - but you're still funny.

read down a few posts - does danny really have a tatt? or is that a temp thing? That's cool! LOL!

Torrie said...

girl-you are crak'n me up with your comes out of a butt stuff and if it makes you feel better I am not wearing a bra either:]

cmecham2000 said...

I love the 12 of 12 thing, I found out about it so late in the year that I decided it would be an easy new years resolution. You will have to help me remember that I want to do it. I really would have thought the bra thing was a bit crazy if I didn't spend that Scap weekend with you and see your absolute "BLISS" being braless. Great Post!!

Jenna said...

I love all the awesome little glimpses into your life--you're so funny!