Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dear diary

Danny and I started running this morning, following the Couch to 5K program that several people have told us about.  We decided to do it together because it's more fun to exercise with a pal, we'll be motivation for each other, and for me, I just feel it's safer to exercise in pairs.  Yes, diary, I am normally the type of person who only runs when chased, but my body is just way too comfortable in it's 150 pounds and I need to shake things up.   Well, things are shakin' all right.  You should see all the ways I jiggle whilst jogging.  Anyway. . . the program goes 12 weeks so that theoretically by the end of 3 months, you can run a 5K.  Whatevs.  I've never been able to run more than 1/2 mile at a time, and that's at my fittest.  But, it's still exercise, so I'm game.  Today.  I'm also sore.  My legs hurt.


 DSCF6411 DSCF6495

My garden started growing a couple of days ago.  Today, I can see greenery growing in the corn, carrots, and zucchini sections.  Very exciting.  (these aren't very good comparison pictures, but you get the idea)

We spent a nice weekend with my parents in town.  They were very brave and took the kids to the zoo on Saturday so we could have a date to celebrate Dan's birthday. 

Have I mentioned that I hate my husband's work schedule?  He's working:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  Doesn't that both suck and blow?  I know those are not good Christian terms for a God-fearing Christian woman.  But this Christian woman is gonna be without her Christian man for each and every holiday this year and I feel a little 'suck' language is understandable.  Suck. 

I've been volunteering in the kids' classes once a week for several hours and I love it so much!  It's so fun to be there and see them in action and hear glowing reports about my children.  Cameron's 1st grade teacher just rocks my socks off. 

One month until the Twilight movie comes out!  Squeal!

I made two music videos today for you all which I will share in the coming weeks.  I sure love singing.  I wish I had a more feminine voice.  No joke, in stake choir the other night, I hit most of the men's bass notes.  I have a low voice, ya'll.  You know where middle C is?  I can comfortably hit the F above middle C.  I can get up to B-flat with a running head start, but anything over B-flat is just impossible.  I'm much more comfortable below middle C.  And that ends our music discussion for the day.  Just know that there are two songs coming up.  Alert your friends and neighbors and gather around the computer.  Ha.

We finally all decided on our Halloween Costumes.  Sean is Harry Potter, Cameron is a blue power ranger, Ethan is Spiderman, Dan is a mad scientist/doctor of sorts, and I will be Cyndi Lauper.  So fun!  I can't wait!

That's all for now, diary.  Till tomorrow.


Christine #2 said...

Suck for Danny's schedule, and woo-hoo for the Twilight movie. Nice garden, that's so cool. Wow, you do have a low voice...F above middle C? Crazy. I can sometimes do tenor, but I'm too retarded with harmonies, that's why I'm a soprano. Yeah melody!

I expect a video of you in your Cyndi Lauper costume singing one of her hits!!

tif-do said...

I love Cyndi Lauper... so cool!
I know how ya feel about Dannys schedule, Kenneth won't be around for any of the holidays either...I'm feeling pretty sucky about it myself.

Lorie said...

Running. I don't know if I would even run if chased! Good for you!

And I am actually pretty excited to see the Twilight movie. Although I don't know how Cedric Diggory is going to be Edward. We will just have to see!

cmecham2000 said...

I love your Dear Diary. Good job getting out and running, EVERYTHING is more fun in pairs. I can't wait to get my garden started right now it is just a cute white picket fence with great potential, I say right now but I mean for the last 2yrs. I am also with Christine on the Cyndi Lauper
video, can't wait to see it.

jinxi said...

Your costumes sound fun! and yay to the garden!

It was so funny to hear my Dad call yesterday and say that he went to Surprise and found the most awesome Walmart.. I immediately thought of you! hehe

Dahlene said...

Good for you! I hope the running goes good. Keep us posted.

I'm with Lorie on the Twilight movie. I just don't see him as a good Edward, even with the new trailers I've seen of it. I know I will be disappointed, but I have to go see it anyway.