Monday, October 20, 2008

am i the last person in existence to finally do this?

I've been tagged several times to do this one recently and so without an idea in my head with what to post for Monday, (it's actually Friday night as I type this) this works. You all know me. You all know all this stuff already. You all know I can't turn down a tag. But this is for posterity's sake, so I must be honest. (Hollah at me if you know what movie that's loosely taken from)

8 TV Shows I love to watch:

- Survivor
-Dancing with the Stars (go Lance and Lacey!)
-Grey's Anatomy
-The Office
-Pushing Daisies
- American Idol

8 Favorite Restaurants:

-Panda Express
-Red Robin
-Chinese Buffet
-Taco Bell
-Ichi Ban

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

-Hung out with my parents who are visiting
-Studied some Biology
-Had a nervous breakdown regarding a tough daycare kid
-Cleaned bathrooms
-Watched "Smallville"
-Itched and scratched and rubbed my allergy eyes
-Watered my garden
-Played piano

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

- Getting through the Halloween season without gaining 18 pounds
- Getting through the Thanksgiving season without gaining 18 pounds
- Getting through the Christmas season without gaining 18 pounds
- Having a birthday date and temple trip with Danny tomorrow
- Twilight movie 11.21.08
- Getting through my mid-term in 1.5 weeks
- Seeing Wicked again in July 09
- Enjoying the veggies from my garden

8 Things On My WishList:

-a grand piano
-a grand house in which to fit a grand piano
-a completed food storage
-for John McCain to win the 08 Presidential Election
-a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas
-being about 30 pounds lighter
-for Danny's schedule to go back to 24-hr shifts again
-to be able to celebrate xmas in Cali with hubby's family

8 Friends I'm Tagging:

Umm, sheesh, is there anyone that hasn't been tagged for this one yet?

I'm gonna go with all family members on this one because I think they never ever respond to tags. And the first one that does it and emails me to let me know, I'll mail them a special happy card. Tag, girls!!



Lorie said...

Good luck on your midterms!!

The Bluths said...

I haven't done it, and sa-weet I didn't get tagged ;)