Tuesday, November 18, 2008

diddle diddle dumpling

Admitedly, yesterday's post was a bit heavy.  I so appreciate all your kind words and thoughts and offers to loan out your daughters at will.  If I'm ever in need of an estrogen fix, I certainly know where to go.  Thank you all.  =)

But let's lighten up for this post, shall we?


This is just about an every day occurrence at my house.  Now before you mom-police get on me, I do make sure that he's fed, dressed, has teeth brushed, and has done his preschool work for the day.  And then, while he's waiting for his bus, and after the other boys have left for school, I do let him play for about half an hour. He's so quiet when he plays <------ motivation!!!  Anyway, I can't believe how good he is at these video games, being that he can't read and no one has taught him how to play.  He just goes and does it.


But what's this?  Anyone notice anything funky about Ethan today?


Look harder.  It did get a bit chilly in the house yesterday morning; it was such a nice cool night after such a warm afternoon the day before (my brother in Pennsylvania is getting snow while I had the A/C on in my house!), that I had opened up all the doors and windows hoping to keep the house as cool as possible for as long as possible.


I don't at all get the one mitten on/one mitten off, one sock on/one sock off motif he's got going on here.  But heck let's just go with it.





Hello Milk Face.


Yes, we know.  You're cute.


Lorie said...

He is too cute! And I really like the one mitten/sock look. And I like that he has them on opposite hands/feet. Keeping the left and right side equally balanced.

I think it is a new fashion!

Christine #2 said...

What a cutie pie. I think boys come with the video game playing gene. It just activates after a certain amount of years or in some cases, exposure to a gaming system that older siblings use.

Margee' said...

Amie, he's so cute!

OneHappyfamily said...

He really is such a cutie pie!

Torrie said...

I did cathch the one sock, but not the one glove until you pointed that out-THanks. Is that a little MJ though;0)

Delfina said...

I like that he has them on opposite hands/feet. Keeping the left and right side equally balanced.