Saturday, November 1, 2008

nablopomo is back!

National Blog Post Month, November is back in full swing. I did this last year (or was it the year before? Everything's starting to blur together) and really enjoyed it. This year will be a bit trickier since we don't use the computer on Sundays, but rest assured, I will set up posts throughout the week with later publication dates so that you won't have to miss even one day of me. Oh joy!

What I expect we'll talk about in November:

New family photo shoot taken today!

The continuation of my Biology class and the results of my mid-term (took it yesterday, what a load off! will post results tomorrow even though I already know them, hee-hee, but I have to have something to blog about tomorrow!).

My dear friend Christine's baby shower that we're putting on in one week.

A Thanksgiving here at home.

Redecorating my bedroom--I've been given a really great opportunity through BlogHer; you'll hear all about it very soon!

The release of the Twilight movie and my review.

More music videos.

My hubby's continually changing schedule (he was on 2p-2a this week, next week he starts 10a-10p, so at least it's moving in the right direction) and the frustrations that brings us.

Hopefully some more scrapbooking. . . I've taken a small vacation from it, it seems.

Fantastic Friday--a craft day at my church, making some Christmas presents there.

And the random thrown in picture of Johnny Depp, Tom Welling, or anyone else I deem blog worthy at the mo'.

Feel free to join in--you can do it officially through the NaBloPoMo site (where you have the opportunities to win prizes) or just do it for fun. Do it to see if you can! In the future when you look back through this time of your life, this month will tell so much about you and the things you did, the pictures you took, and the stories that go along with them.

Ride along with me, ok?!

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LIZZEE said...

I'm gonna try it will see how it goes