Monday, December 15, 2008

my cup runneth over

I've always wanted to be the kind of person who could be so generous with their resources (monetary or otherwise); someone who could offer to pay the tab for a stranger's meal at a restaurant, donate hundreds of dollars to public television, or sponsor a starving child in a foreign country.  Although I'm not there yet, I certainly aspire to be.

However, I am often the benefit of such sweet gestures.  We've been very blessed over the years to receive surprise monetary gifts on our doorstep, to be given furniture or electronics, passed down clothing, etc.  These tokens are always so appreciated and further fuel my desire to give of my own time, talents, and resources.

Last week we were certainly blessed by two such individuals and I wanted to share my experiences with you, because they were such a surprise and blessing at the same time.

The other day the Haught family offered us some clothing that their older boys had outgrown.  Referring to "the bin that time forgot" up in his attic, Shawn told me how it was packed with boys jeans of all sizes.  I was in amazement (and appreciation) because literally at that moment in time, I was actively bidding on boys' jeans on ebay for Sean.  I'm not kidding--I had just been outbid and was about to rebid when Shawn called.  Don't you love how that works out sometimes?  I was in need, he was inspired, and 24 hours later I had jeans and shorts and sweaters and such for my boys, so much so that they don't even all fit in the boys' dressers.  (their drawers runneth over)

The next day, I was at a Bashas grocery store with my kids trying to take advantage of some coupon sales.  My friend Courtney had suggested trying her Bashas up near the hospital as opposed to the one near our house because less couponers shop there.  This store is in a retirement community and averages a much older consumer.  Anyway, when it took over 10 minutes to get there (forever when everything you need is within minutes of you!) and finding the parking lot full of cars and the elderly, I internally vowed I would not return to this particular store, due to the crowded location and distance.

As I was situating the kids in and around the cart and as we pushed our way up to the front of the store, an older lady stopped us in the parking lot--she literally left her bags on top of her car and said, "wait, I have something I want to give you."  I slowed but did not stop all the way, kind of wary.  Again, as she was digging in her purse she said, "I want to give you something for your kids."  I totally had no clue where this was going--was she about to pull out a Good Word magazine?  Some candy for the kids?  (if so, they weren't eating it, that was for sure) 

Well imagine my shock as she pulled out her wallet and handed me a $20 bill.  Then she said, "My grandkids are so far away, I never get to spoil them, so I want you to take this and buy something for your kids in the store." 

I was shocked!  I quite articulately and intelligently said, "What?!"

"Merry Christmas," she answered and started to walk back to her car.

In my stupor, I finally remembered to say thank you and encouraged the kids to do the same.  "Merry Christmas!" Ethan repeated back to her.

I seriously walked through the rest of the store in shock.

I got what we needed, and was then greeted by very friendly cashiers and baggers at the front of the store, all making such a fuss over my kids and acting so friendly towards us.

I made a new vow that I would indeed return to this store, because of the kindness of everyone I encountered! 

This week we saw some great examples of sweetness and charity.  I intend to pay it forward.  =)


Lorie said...

Sounds like a pretty great couple of days! Makes for a pretty nice Christmas season!

What did the boys get at the store?

musikmama said...

You already did pay it forward when we ran out of programs at the Christmas Fireside, and Danny copied more without being asked. That was so thoughtful!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

How nice of those people! What a nice lady. While on my mission I had it happen twice where someone paid for our groceries and once where we were at a fast food place and our meal was paid for. I always have wanted to do that for the missionaries if I get a chance because it meant so much to me when it happend. BTW, no blogs for 2 days?? I was going through withdrawls!


Christy said...

YAY! That makes me feel all warm and goey inside! ;)

The Bluths said...

Pay it this way! J/K :)

That's awesome though!

Jesika said...

How awesome!! :o) Those are the times that remind us that there really are good people in the world and not just mean, nasty ones! :o)

Lisa Shatzer said...

Imust say, I'm a little choked up after reading that. So sweet and wonderful!

cube said...

Thanks for sharing that. We often get carried away with hearing awful stuff during the Christmas season, and I love it when someone brings forth an inspiring post.

Christine #2 said...

That is just so cool. I know for a fact Shawn Haught is amazing tuned into the spirit (yup even jeans count) and knows exactly when someone is in need. I'll tell you about it in the a.m.

Scrapenabler said...

That was a great story Amie, people really are kind at times and I'm sure that you have done something for someone in the past that was very thoughtful and unexpected.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

OH MY GOODENESS.. Im so totally cryin'! That is heartbreaking and so sweet all at the same time.

Thank the Good Lord for hand-me down jeans!!! My sitter has 2 older boys.. thank goodeness. :)

Im like you.. I aspire to be as kind and generous some day for I have been blessed in so many ways.. I just feel like I never give enough.

heather said...

that is so awesome!!

Natalie said...

This post gave me goosebumps! Thanks for sharing. I am in need of some true Christmas spirit:). This helped.

Dahlene said...

How nice! What a great Christmas spirit you were blessed with. Thanks for sharing.

Carca said...