Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a night out on the town...and not one casualty

  As per our Activity Advent Stocking o' the day suggested, we went out to eat Saturday night.  We like Denny's on Saturdays because kids eat free.  We also like Denny's because they make a pretty awesome cup of cocoa. 

DSCF7076 DSCF7080

Then, since it wasn't too cool out, we attended Glendale Glitters and their holiday party.  This is an annual thing a city close to us puts on to celebrate the holidays--the trees of downtown Glendale are all lit up, booths are set up for peddlars to sell their wares (circa 1914?) free shows are given, and of course there are all sorts of things to spend money on:  funnel cakes, hot cocoa, kettle corn (I sooo was jonesin' for some of that), and more, as well as pics with Santa, and rides for the kiddos.



We mostly just walked around and looked.  As I mentioned it wasn't too cold.  The last two years we went, we totally had to get all bundled up in mittens and heaviest jackets and such.  There was a little bit of wind this year, but other than that, not too bad.

DSCF7099 DSCF7106

A few of you were asking what I bought the kids with the $20 the nice lady gave us.  This is what we put the money towards:



Meet Axle, our chauffer for the evening. 



There's just something sweet about a horse-drawn carriage.



Later, cuz we weren't cold enough, we hit the Golden Spoon to share some frozen yogurt.  Love that place.  We get two medium sized bowls and it's plenty for us--they stack the ice cream really tall!-- though I didn't get 'before' pictures.  We got strawberry with fruit and cakebatter ice cream with bits of heath bar.  Yum.  Frozen yogurt=guilt-free, right?



Later, after the kids were safe and sound in bed, we went to see "Twilight" one more time.  Totally a spur-of-the-moment thing.  Got my Eddie fix for the night.  *sigh, swoon, repeat*

I love family date nights!  This one has become an annual tradition for our house.  What are some of the things you liked to do each year around Christmas time?


jinxi~ aka angi said...

What a fun night!!!
One of these days I'll ride in a carriage!

Our Christmas thing...just driving around and looking at the light displays.. and going down to the square and looking at all the decorations around the fountain.
Me personally {the guys dont know this} but I loveeee to drive downtown and look at the shop windows and decorations.. makes me feel like a kid again! All giddy inside. hehee

Jaime said...

What a fun evening! It's been in the single digits @ night here so no fun outside for us, we have to drive around and see the sights!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I like to go out to Denny's Christmas morning before we open presents. We drink their bottomless hot chocolate, you are right btw it's delicious! Other than that, we are still creating our traditions.


Scrapenabler said...

What a fun night! Love all the lights and festivities and especially the horse-drawn carriage.

The Bluths said...

How fun!

Casey Lu said...

Sounds like a fun night! We are hoping to be better before the end of the week to go to the Glendale Glitters as that is one thing we like to do with the kids. We also like to get together with Ehren's family and spend an entire day baking cookies and decorating them, go see Santa in the mall, and drive around and look at light displays. Never been on a horse drawn carriage so might have to give that a try! Glad you had lots of fun with your family, it is always those moments that make us moms the happiest! I will be bringing you some cinnamon rolls too as soon as I am better (should be the end of this week or next week), you are on my list I made to give them out to. :)

Jesika said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm going to have to keep notes on where to go next year! :o)

LIZZEE said...

Looks so cool.. Yes nothing like a horse drawn carriage Anytime any place love thos e things...
Kids look like they had a blast.

LIZZEE said...

Looks so cool.. Yes nothing like a horse drawn carriage Anytime any place love thos e things...
Kids look like they had a blast.

Lorie said...

How fun! Sounds like a great Saturday to me!

I really need to take my family to Glendale Glitter one of these years.

wittygal said...

I am really brain tooting right now because we are throwing away all of our traditions this year and going on VACATION. I started typing like three times just to delete it and go oh yeah we are going to the BEACH this year. BUT.. I can tell you that I LOVE CHRISTMAS and reading Christmas books and watching Christmas movies is a MUST at our house. You know I love Golden Spoons and I am going to be making that place a Christmas tradition starting TODAY!!

sarinawilson23 said...

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Carca said...

Looks like fun!!!