Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a baby story - tag!

Normally, when I read these long tags, I just skim over the details--after all, it takes a good few minutes to read them. Plus, when they make their way around the internet, everyone you know is tagging everyone else you know, and once you've read one, you've read them all.

However, I never get tired of baby/birthing stories. They're all so different. I cry each time I watch "A Baby Story" on Lifetime. Is that show still on? I had free cable for about 3 months several years ago so it's been a while.

Anyway, that being said, unless you're a family member, feel free to skip the following information about my former incubations. =)

1. Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?
1st: At home in my bathroom.
2nd: At home in my bathroom.
3rd: At home in my bathroom.

2. Who was with you?
1st: I was with Danny.
2nd: I was with Danny.
3rd: I was with Danny.

3. What was your first reaction?
1st: Excited and scared
2nd: Excited
3rd: Excited

4.What was your husband's reaction?
1st: Excited and scared
2nd: Excited but worried about finances
3rd: Ditto (none of our babies really made sense financially to come when they did, but when is it EVER a good time financially to have a kid?)

5. Who was the first person you told?
1st: I told my friend Stacy, my maid-of-honor first
2nd: I think my boss guessed first
3rd: Danny told our friend Carol and I told our friend Carla

6. Were the pregnancies planned?
1st: yep
2nd: yep
3rd: yep

7. Was everyone happy for you?
1st: yep
2nd: yep
3rd: yep--unless otherwise they just kept it to themselves

8. What was the sex?
1st: Boy
2nd: Boy
3rd: Boy

9. What was the nursery theme/colors?
1st: Blue jean denim teddy bears
2nd: Blue and green Winnie the Pooh
3rd: Did we have a theme? leftover Winnie the Pooh stuff

10. Did anyone throw a shower for you?
1st: 2 at work, 1 from MIL and Mom, and 1 from our brand new ward
2nd: nope
3rd: a mini one at work (I still loved it)

11. Did you get any outfits you wouldn't use?
1st: Sure, we regifted those
2nd: I didn't get a lot for him, I'm sure we used them all
3rd: Didn't need any, but I used what we received gratefully

12. How much weight did you gain?
1st: 40 lbs
2nd: 37 lbs
3rd: 17 lbs

13. Did you get stretch marks?
1st: oh yeah
2nd: heck yeah
3rd: could it get any more stretchy or marky by the 3rd time?

14. Did you crave anything crazy?
1st: potato salad
2nd: green onions and apple crisp (not together)
3rd: brownies, brownies, brownies {all the things I craved with all 3 boys I still LOVE LOVE LOVE}

15. Who or what got on your nerves the most?
1st: honestly I don't remember
2nd: probably my 1st born
3rd: probably my 1st and 2nd born! (oh, and anyone who gave me any advice EVER)

16. Where were you when you went into labor?
1st: Mine are boring, I was induced with Sean, but was in mild labor by the time I got to my appt. Complications, heart rate dropped, demerol knocked me out, ended up doing emergency c-section
2nd: Planned c-section. LOVE IT!
3rd: Ditto!

17. Did you have any complications?
1st: just during labor, ended in c-section
2nd: nope
3rd: nope

18. Did your water break?
1st: water broke just a bit on it's own the morning of my induction, then the nurses broke the rest for me--the most painful experience out of all three labor and deliveries!
2nd: nope
3rd: nope

19. Who drove you to the hospital?
1st: Dan
2nd: Dan
3rd: Dan

20. Did you go early or late?
1st: 4 days late
2nd: 2.5 weeks early
3rd: 2.5 weeks early

21. Who was in the room?
all three: just Dan

22. Did you video tape it?
Nope, hospital wouldn't allow it, but I would have loved it

23. Did you have any pain medication?
1st: demerol (which I highly regret, because I can't remember any of Sean's delivery) and epidural
2nd: epidural or spinal, I forget which is which
3rd: ditto

24. Did you have a c-section or natural?
c-section! Love it!

25. What was your reaction to the birth?
Oh, everything you'd expect! Happy, thrilled, scared, relieved, excited, weepy, everything!

26. How big was the baby?
1st: 9 lbs 7 oz
2nd: 8 lbs 10 oz
3rd: 8 lbs

27. What was the baby's full name?
1st: Sean Daniel H
2nd: Cameron McKay H
3rd: Ethan Michael H

28. Did your husband cry?

29. When is the next one coming?
Unless Heavenly Father has another plan for us, not in this lifetime, buddy

30. If you could, would you do it all over again?
Do these past three? Absolutely! Do any more? No.


Anonymous said...

Kids are the next great adventure for us, Heavenely Father willing. We'll see if it's even possible for us.


Christine #2 said...

:) I read them although I am not family.

Not only do they have a Baby Story but they have a bunch of different shows about baby births. I cry every time. Except when that Dugger chick had her last one, I just sat there with my mouth open. That's just so many kids!

Dahlene said...

Fun to read about your pregnancies and births. Aren't you glad we're done?

Dolores said...

this is such a fun idea, thanks for sharing

Casey Lu said...

Yep, I agree three is good! :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I enjoyed this a lot.. I think I may do it as well! Great idea!